Your to always approach the gift-giving person in person,

Your company has a policy of no gift giving or
accepting. You are representing the company in negotiations in China for design
of a multiphased manufacturing facility. Discuss the role of gift giving you
might expect in a culture such as China and how you plan to approach this issue?


         Exchange of gifts with
Chinese partners is not just an important component of business relations. This
is a whole system of rules that turn the process of giving into a real
ceremony. However, if our company has a policy of no gift giving or accepting, gifts
from business partners can be denied if they contradict the company’s etiquette

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to follow when refusing a gift:

1. First, it is better to always approach the gift-giving person in person,
alone. If this is not possible, then you can write a letter.


2. Secondly, in any case, it is worth to thank the gift giver, because he
showed attention to you.


3. Be sure to express your regret that you are forced to refuse the gift,
and then explain the reason of the refusal.


4. Return the gift to the giver. If a gift is sent from business partners,
and they refuse to accept it back, then be sure to inform your boss. And it is
better to do it in writing.


gift-giving is improper and might be even considered as bribery. However, it may be better to figure out this issue
with our company’s chief before the trip. Since when accepting a trip to China,
we should get to know all cultural differences and how business communications
are set in that country. After that, we should talk with our chief/manager
about any possible issue that may happen in business negotiations. If our chief
agrees to make an exception to accept the gift, since we also need to respect
other cultures and traditions — only after such agreement, we can accept a
gift from Chinese partners. A good tone may also be to bring them gifts in
exchange. If in China a business gift was presented to you, then you must also refuse
it three times, and only then accept it, and necessarily to take it with both
hands. Gifts must not be opened at the moment of receiving. And it is worth
giving a gift to the whole company, and not to a certain person


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