What motivation just opposite of positive motivation. It is

What is motivation motivation is not an inborn character. Motivation is the result of a complex process and many factors that influence it. These include: the desire to work an inner motive that can be stronger or weaker depending on our concentration own effectiveness or self-efficacy by this we mean a more or less strong conviction that one can build life according to ones own thinking relying on oneself psychological time perspective determines which goals we choose to depend on this or that life stage upbringing etc. And our emotions during the decision they serve as an internal adviser. All these factors form a complex where the willpower professional component and favorable conditions dominate. our success is based on these factors. So motivation is a driving force that helps a person to react act or to reach our goals. Intrinsic motivation this motivation starts with an inner motivation to achieve the goal. that is if you wanted something yourself you have an inner desire and optimism which warms the soul from within. You take decision voluntarily without any external circumstances. Extrinsic motivation this motivation can be provoked by some external circumstances. for example it can be a repetition of affirmations the process of visualization reading other peoples stories about the achievement of life success competition etc. in a word all that we see or listen in surrounding motivates us. Sometimes extrinsic motivation can lead to overjustification and wrong decisions. Positive motivation this motivation carries a charge of vivacity and positivity. It pushes us to activity and action in favor of success. For example if you will work well you will be rewarded. Negative motivation just opposite of positive motivation. It is a result of fear failure or punishment. For example- if you think if you get late for work your money will be deducted. How to stay motivated here are a few ways that can help. you make a commitment to yourself. Voluntarily undertake to achieve certain goals. a high degree of obligatory is one in which you feel an urgent need to get involved in the work; feel an intense personal interest in achieving the goal and responsibility of achieving it. A clear understanding of what we want gives us clear criteria for decision-making. nevertheless it is always difficult to make decisions. unfortunately it often happens that one goal excludes the other. commitment to yourself will in this case be a good help. if we really decided to achieve some goal we simply have to pay less attention to other problems. It is necessary to clearly imagine how the decision will affect the process of achieving the chains. of course you will always get in a situation where you need to drop something that interferes with the implementation of your chains. but regret it is not necessary. to be able to make decisions means to be free. not wanting to make decisions means consciously giving up this freedom.


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