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Water stains attached to the body of the car is certainly very disturbing the look of your car, so it looks dull and dirty. Very annoying not if the spots of water are attached to the body of your car? Even this water stain can not be removed by washing it. Usually this is caused by the former rain water is not cleaned and remnants when the car wash is not dried completely. If allowed to continue, then over time will cause the appearance of mold on your car body. Then how to remove water stains on the body of the car hard to remove? Here are some ways you might do.1. Using Tobacco WaterTobacco water can be an effective way of dealing with water stains attached to the body of your car, even this material can also be used as a way of removing mushrooms on the car paint quickly. The trick is very easy, you only need to prepare a handful of tobacco, water, and soft cloth. Take one handful of tobacco and put it in water, it would be better if used clean cold water without a mixture of detergent and soap. After that let stand for about 15 minutes.Before cleaning using tobacco water, it would be better if the car body is cleaned first so there is no dirt and dust that stick and wait until it dries. After that flush the car parts that have water stains with water tobacco earlier. and start rubbing it with the cloth repeatedly until the water stain disappears and cleans. After that wipe the remnants by using a clean soft cloth.2. Using ToothpasteHow to remove water stains on other car body easily and quickly can be done by using toothpaste. For the type of toothpaste used is white, do not forget to prepare a cloth cotton cloth. This is because the cotton fabric has a rather hard texture that can lift the water stains on your car body perfectly.Wet the car body surface first with water and clean it so that no dust and dirt on the part to be cleaned tersbeut.Dampen the tip of the cloth but not too wet and then dab toothpaste on the clothRub on the moldy part of the car with a little emphasis repeatedly.After that rinse with water and dry with a clothFor maximum results, you can repeat the step until the car body looks clean.3, Using Soda WaterSoda water can potentially remove the water stains attached to the body of your car. The way is very easy, you just need to prepare soda water and a washcloth.Note, the cloth you use should be dryAfter that wet wipe with soda waterRub on the part of the car to be cleaned until the inherent water stains can be liftedBut there are you need to consider in how to remove the fungus on the body of this car. You need to be careful because the content of soda can damage your car paint. For that immediately clean the soda water if it comes to paint your car.4. Water Spot RemoverWe have many cleaning products, such as water spot remover that can overcome the water stains sticking to the abody of your car. For how to use it is easy, you just need to spray Water Spot Remover on the water stains. Then rub with cloth until the water stains can be lost and clean. After that, lap with a dry microfiber lap.To get this product, you can buy it at automotive supply stores. For the application is easy and does not make the skin feel hot. However, just in case, you need to use eye and hand protection so as to avoid unwanted risks. But unfortunately this product sometimes can not be used in some parts of European car windshield and glass production cars.


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