To that they will know before any permanent damages


To conclude, from what we discussed from the case study of
the Sellafield incident. Sellafield Nuclear plant showed no importance to the
health and safety of their workers. They should have checked regularly with
their employees if they were fit to work. Vibrating machines are a known risk
first documented just over 30 years ago so they should have taken more care
into regularly checking up with everyone who is working there. By watching the
workers and looking at sickness absence records of everyone who is working
there can help reduce any future accidents. Creating and posting leaflets
everywhere around the work place of known effects from vibration could make the
workers more aware and report it before anything irreversible happens.


Also regularly employers can give out questionnaires to
their workers and ask them if they feel numbness or any tingling sensation in
their hands to prevent any accidents. This as a group we think would be the
best safety precaution every company should take regularly, if they do that
they will know before any permanent damages is caused to their employees.

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As a group in the risk assessment we found a few potential
accidents that could have happened in the lab room RVMB036, on one account
highest level being 4. These can be prevented in the future as noted from the
risk assessment.  

This has broadened our knowledge in the safety precautions
that’s needed to prevent such things happening as explained. We had very good
teamwork which was the most important to accomplish this assessment in due time
and to produce the best quality of work. Regular meetings took place in the
Learning resource centre which was key. We worked as a group and had a part to
do, if anyone was struggling we would help each other out. A few of us couldn’t
do the risk assessment before the Christmas holidays so we had to do it after
we came back from holiday, this was done swiftly as the university was
repeating the risk assessment for a week so the people who missed it could do
it again and not miss out. During the Christmas holidays a few of us fell
behind due to the celebrations so after we got back from the break we met up
and helped each other part doing the sketches and diagrams. This was great
because we all made time to meet up on the day we came back and proceeded with
the assessment and to a good standard.