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There was one thing very clear in mind right from the beginning. I wanted to pursue my higher studies from a highranked institution for gaining high quality knowledge and for good job prospects. Institutions do play a veryimportant role in shaping our lives and choosing a wrong institution can even ruin one’s future plans. Hence, I wasvery peculiar about the institution I was about to choose for my graduation.I always had a dream of pursuing my higher studies from overseas. I had attended a seminar on overseas educationwhile I was in HSC where I had learnt about options available in countries like US, UK and Australia for the veryfirst time. I was simply fascinated by looking at the campuses, world class facilities, and rankings of thoseuniversities. I felt that this is an option I should certainly explore. I discussed my plans and thoughts with mygrandfather and he was there to support me like always.I first explored options available in India in detail. I checked details of high ranked institutions in India likeNational Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra; Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITA) KurukshetraUniversity, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), Punjab University, Chandigarh and MMU atMaullana. All these institutions have excellent rankings, but had one thing in common. I was required to take someor the other entrance exam like JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) for an entry in each one of them. I did not have adequatetime for preparations and these entrance exams are very competitive and one needs to prepare for a minimum ofone year or more to get good scores. Hence, I started my research for other countries like UK, USA, Canada, NewZealand and Australia.Names of universities offering a bachelor’s degree in IT in all countries mentioned above.I have researched universities in other countries providing bachelor of Information technology like in USAUniversity of Maryland, A. James Clark School of Engineering, The University of Findlay, Digipen- Institute ofTechnology, Eseune Business School etc. In UK, City University London, Kingston University, London SouthBank University, Middlesex University, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Exeter, University of Sussexprovide bachelor of Information Technology. In Canada, universities like Universit√© de Moncton, University ofToronto, University of British Columbia and Memorial University of Newfoundland and in New Zealanduniversities like Auckland Institute of Studies, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, UC International College andWellington Institute of Technology provides bachelor of Information Technology.After doing lot of research I realized that living cost and the tuition fees for UK as compared to other countries arevery high. For USA, again there are entrance exams like SAT. After comparing universities in New Zealand andAustralia, as found that rankings of Australian universities were much higher and I was also eligible for a directentry to bachelor’s program in Australia. Hence, I decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Australia.Besides, there are other important advantages of studying in Australia. It is the third most popular destinationamong international students and also because of its cultural diversity, friendly natives and high quality ofeducation, students choose Australia for higher studies. Tuition fee and living costs are low as compared to othercountries and the universities have excellent rankings and global reputation.Why SCU university:I searched many universities but I shortlisted only four universities out of them. I selected RMIT, UNISA, CQUniversity, and Southern Cross University as the ranking of these Universities are quite high and I liked the coursecontents. After comparing all the universities, I realized that fee structures of RMIT, and UNISA were a little on thehigher side (more than AUD 29000 per year). Hence, I was left with the options of CQ University and SCU. Aftercomparing these two Universities I found that the ranking of Southern Cross University is higher than that of CQUniversity.After doing some more research I found that Southern Cross University is an Australian Public University havingits campuses in Lismore, Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Southern Cross University isranked as the best University for international student support. SCU Sydney is located in the heart of Sydney’scentral business district. The campus is a few minutes’ walk from Sydney Harbour. It is an ideal place for livinghaving beaches, shopping malls and is famous for this life style. The Southern Cross University is a researchintensive University and hence, I decided to do my Bachelor of Information Technology from Southern CrossUniversity.Course Details:In this course of Bachelor of Information Technology, I will be studying subjects like Application development,Information systems, system analysis and design, Contemporary Issues in Multi-media and Information


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