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The Sickle Cell Anemia is a genetic disease, where, instead of healthy donut-shaped red blood cells, the bone marrow produces unhealthy, crescent moon shaped blood cells that get stuck flowing from place to place. Red blood cells bring oxygen to spleen, liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and other organs. If these rigid blood cells get stuck or caught in each other then the person with this disease will have no blood flow to certain parts of their body. Since the shape of the cell is crescent, not round, they usually stuck in blood vessels, and when they do they have episodes of pain called crises. For example, people with the disease’s spleen is easily destroyed because the blood veins to spleens are narrow. If their spleen is destroyed, they must watch what they do to not get sick, because their immune system stops working as well. Healthy, donut-shaped red blood cells can live up to one hundred and twenty days, but these warped sickle-shaped cells can only last ten to twenty days. Because the blood cells are dying faster than being made, blood transfusions are done often, to provide healthy, longer-lasting blood cells. Around 100,000 people have sickle cell anemia in the USA, one in every ten african americans have the trait and one in every 100 hispanic americans have the trait. Although there is no specific cure for the disease, people with a bad case of sickle cell anemia, can have a bone marrow transplant.This cell mutation is from chromosome 11 from the hemoglobin subunit beta gene, also known as HBB. Hemoglobin has four subunits, two alpha-goblin and two beta-goblin. HBB works on the beta-goblin, which is in the bone marrow, so if a wrong gene is in it then the cells that is forms are sickle shaped.Genetic Science Learning Center. (2014, February 15) Single Gene Disorders. Retrieved January 07, 2018, from


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