“The On 2 of February 1585, they had twins’

Tempest” A Play by William Shakespeare

is a person who expert in writing plays for the theatre, television or radio (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. 2015).  One of the famous English playwrights was
William Shakespeare. He was considered as the greatest playwright in England.
During his life, William Shakespeare wrote thirty sevenplays. His plays can be
categorized into three categories; history, tragedy and comedy. One of his
plays is The Tempest. The Tempest is the play that is categorized as a comedy.
This play was considered as the last play that Shakespeare wrote during his
life. This essay explains about William Shakespeare’s life, brief story of The
Tempest, and the influencesof why Shakespeare wrote The Tempest.

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            The first is about William
Shakespeare’s life.Shakespeare lived when Queen Elizabeth reigned England. There
was no accurate record to tell when Shakespeare was born. The church records
told that he was baptized on 26of April 1564 at Stratford-on-Avon. On 23 of
April 1564 was considered as his birth date. 
His father was a burgess and his mother was a daughter of landlord. He studied
in the grammar school of the town.  In
the grammar school, he learned about Latin and Greek.He died on 23 April 1616.

            Shakespeare love’s story was amazing. Soon after he was eighteen
years old, he got married. On 28 of November 1582, he married Anne Hathwey.  He married with the woman who eight years older
than him. They had three children. Her first child was a girl named Susanna who
was born on 26 May 1583. On 2 of February 1585, they had twins’ children named
Hamnet and Judith.  Unfortunately, His son,
Hamnet died when he was eleven years old. He left his wife and his children in
Stratford, for he went to London to work there.

Shakespeare was a talented person. He began his career to be a playwright
around 1591-1592. Henry VI was the first play that he wrote. He continued write
his plays and the total of his plays were thirty seven plays. Besides he wrote
his plays, he also became the actor of his play. He played his role on the
stage very well. He was also a poet. He wrote two long narrative poems that was
Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece. Shakespeare also wrote sonnet during
his life. Shakespeare’s sonnet was also called as English sonnet.

second is about the brief story of The Tempest. The story of The Tempest begins
with the storm which occurs in the middle of the sea. In the middle of the
storm, there is a ship that carries the King of Naples and his crew.  Nearby of the stormy sea, there is a man
named Prospero standing on the island who controls the storm. Watching the
storm rages in the middle of sea, Miranda begs her father to stop the storm.
Prospero tells his daughter to do not worry about that, because he brings the
ship safely into the land with his magic. After that, Prospero tells Miranda
about the story of how both of them live on the strange island. Twelve years
ago Prospero was a Duke of Milan, but he was more interested in studying magic.
He entrusted the city to his brother, Antonio, but his brother deceived him.
King of Naples, Alonso helped Antonio to bring Prospero and Miranda into a
leaky boat and sailed the boat into a uninhabited island.

            Many things happen on that
uninhabited island. The island formerly belonged to Sycorax, but Prospero
defeated Sycorax. After defeating Sycorax, the land belongs to Prospero and Sycorax’s
spirit named Caliban also belongs to him. He also set free a spirit named Ariel
from Sycorax’s spell. On the other part of the island, all passengers of the
ship landed safely but they were separated in different spots. The passengers
of that ship are Prospero’s brother, the king of Naples and his crew. Ariel
guided the king and his crew to Prospero’s house by his magical song. The
King’s son, Ferdinand meets Miranda and they feel in love each others at the
first sight. King’s court jester and king’s butler meet Caliban and Caliban
asks them to help him to kill Prospero. On the part of the island, Prospero
inaugurates his daughter’s engagement with Ferdinand. Soon, Prospero remembersCaliban’s
plan to kill him and Prospero asks Ariel to overcome Caliban’s plan.

            Prospero meets Alonso, Antonio and
their crew by wearing his rich clothes. Alonso recognizes Prospero well and he
begs Prospero’s forgiveness. Alonso wants to hear why Prospero lives here and
Prospero tells him. Alonso is wondering, and he tells Prospero that he lost his
son. Prospero replies that he also lost his daughter too. Then Prospero leads
the king and his crew to his house. After arriving, Alonso sees Ferdinand there
while Ferdinand and Miranda are playing chess. Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano
arrive at Prospero’s house and they gather together with the king’s crew. The
King, the king’s crew and Caliban are forgiven by Prospero and Ariel also gets
its freedom. Prospero decides to return to Milan with all of the members of the

            The third is about the influences of
why Shakespeare wrote The Tempest.During Shakespeare’s life, England set sail
to many lands and did many expansions across the sea. According to Mulherin and
Frost (2004) stated that England sent nine ships to America in 1609,
unfortunately a storm happened in the middle of the sea. One ship broke into
uninhabited island. One passenger of that ship, Sir William Strachey wrote a
letter about that island. William Strachey’s letter’s explained that the island
was hideous. From William Strachey’s letter, Shakespeare wrote The Tempest that
reflected the content of the letter. When Shakespeare wrote The Tempest, he was
helped by some people that were survived from that disaster.In the beginning of
The Tempest, Shakespeare showed the audiences about the storm or tempest that made
a ship landed into the mysterious island. The story of The Tempest takes place
in a mysterious island that is reflected the uninhabited island from William
Strachey’s letter.

            The Tempest is a play that reflects
the England’s colonization. This colonization influenced Shakespeare to write
the story of The Tempest. Shakespeare illustrated of how the native’s reaction
toward the foreigners in The Tempest’s story. Natives in Virginia help the
foreigners to survive on the land. They taught the colonizer of how to plant,
dammed the rivers to get fish, but the foreigners exploited the native’s land.
This cruel event illustrated that the character named Caliban and Ariel arethe
native of the island and Prospero is the foreigner. Caliban helps Prospero to
survive in the new land, but Prospero makes Caliban and Ariel as his slaves and
he controls the island. This reflects the colonization of how the foreigners
occupied the land and enslaved the natives.

            The Tempest also reflected what
condition in the society when Shakespeare lived. According to Mulherin and
Frost (2004) stated that during Shakespeare’s life, society believed in magic,
in horoscopes, and in fortune. Magic was popular on that time. Queen Elizabeth
also believed in horoscopes and she had her own astrologer and magician named
John Dee. According to Mulherin and Frost (2004) mentioned that John Dee, was
cheated by his assistant named Edward Kelly. The successful experiments that
were done by Kelly were not true, and he deceived John Dee. The story of John
Dee and Edward Kelly was illustrated by Shakespeare in the story of The Tempest
and his characters in The Tempest, Prospero and his brother Antonio. Shakespeare
illustrated that Prospero is a great magician, but his brother deceived him. He
also illustrated of how magic were popular in society during Shakespeare’s day
by made Prospero becomes a great magician in his story.

            William Shakespeare was one of the
greatest dramatists in England.He was born on 23 of April 1564. He married with
a girl who was older than him. He was also known as a playwright, an actor and
a poet. One of his plays is The Tempest. The Tempest was said that was the last
play of William Shakespeare. Story of The Tempest is about a man who rules a
land with his daughter. The influences of why Shakespeare wrote The Tempest
were William Strachey’s letter, the reflection of the England’s colonization,
and the reflection of society’s condition during Shakespeare’s life. Shakespeare
illustrated the events that happened when he lived in this play.So, William
Shakespeare was great playwright that wrote The Tempest based on the events
that occurred during his life.