“Soccer, shaped my identity by making me more focused

“Soccer, a form of football played by two teams of
eleven players trying to get the ball into each other team’s net by using
mostly the legs or any part of the body except arms of hands.”


The most influential
thing that has shaped me is my culture. One of the biggest pieces of my culture
which has shaped my life is the love for soccer. I love soccer although I am
not a participant in that sport. Out of the sports I watch, soccer has influenced
me the most. Watching soccer and analysing the game has shaped my identity by
making me more focused in the things I do and also teaches me the importance of

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Soccer has moulded me
to be the person I am today. It taught me to be more cooperative and open with
others. At the start of my high school, I always believed I was an introvert,
very quiet and did not like to interact much with other people. I started to
watch soccer around the same time I entered high school and it somehow changed
my lifestyle, the way I think about people. It taught me to be more sociable
and more like a team-player.

I love to analyse soccer games, the pre-match
and the post-match. Managerial tactics in soccer is a very important in winning
a match. If each player does not understand his role, the plan means nothing.
That is why team-work is so important as well. Ever since then I enjoyed working
in teams and group projects. Most of all, it teaches me about dignity when you win and after
a loss. Even the best soccer teams lose occasionally, which is an important
lesson to apply to my life.


One of my favourite
soccer manager is Pep Guardiola. His mind set and attitude is what keeps
getting him trophies after trophies. He is not thinking about the
rewards at the very end but to think about every game ahead one step at a time
is the key and it relates to my everyday life, taking one step one day at a
time accurately, and surely.

In this research, I will be analysing how soccer has taken on a global
scale all around the world. 


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