India, methods as well as approaches for conversion of

India, an agrarian country produces a large amount of different types of biomass wastes every year. These wastes are not utilized fully. These are categorized as ·         Agricultural residues, from harvesting and processing, ·         Energy crops, produced for energy applications. ·         Food and Industrial waste ·         Forest Residues ·         Other processed and post –consumed food […]


PHP which the web browser have to complete to

PHP DevelopersQuintessential Guide to Pace up the Loading Speed of Your WebsitesMany website owners still now think that the loading-speed of the websites does not matter much. The content, design, layout, services and approach are the chief things that matter on a website. It’s time for them to think on this seriously because researches show […]


Bioethics is disoriented, non-verbal and requires a nasogastric tube

Bioethics is a narrow, yet interdisciplinary branch of ethics focusing on issues concerning biological and medical sciences (Kuhse,2015). It is becoming increasingly relevant in current healthcare practice since previous moral obligations of healthcare professionals and society are being reconceptualised with rapid scientific, technological and social developments (Beauchamp et al.,2001). A concept central to bioethics is principilism […]


Human juvenile delinquency is the result of the ethic

Human beings manage the justice system, and most human beings are subject to being wrong in some manner.  It is where the phrase “we are only human” meaning we, human beings are subject to make mistakes.  Some individuals have a racial agenda or are simply racists themselves.  Racist is a strong word.  To be a […]


Sudhakar sensor is the energy consumed by the sensing

Sudhakar Pandey et al 2 Network performances can be improved by using cross-layer approach. Application of transmission power control technique to adjust transmission power results in reduction of energy consumption. ED is considered to calculate the weight   associated with each node. D stands for degree and E stands for energy. Energy consumption is reduced and […]


Biological on native species, and were suspected in the

Biological invasions are called as the rapid spread and establishment of a species once it is introduced to a new niche.These species have the ability to replace the other species from their niche and can lower the biodiversity. Due to these abilities they pose a major threat to biodiversity and to global economy. par Alien […]


In reaction time. Using a fixed method of quantifying

            In the philosophy of science, there is a continuous debate about the nature of objectivity and the degree of objectivity needed to be used in science. Although the traditional idea of objectivity is used to test theories against universal standards; however, objectivity limits insights into other scientific possibilities. Thus, a pluralistic methodology informed by […]


For Japanese, Korean and others. Asian American community is

For the period of 19th century, the United States was a major wave of immigration, generally came to pursuit a better economic while some came for freedom. Currently migrants came from Asia more than any other country. According to the Asian American voices, in general, Asian immigration does not speak English; English is always adopted […]


PERSONAL choices you make about your career.” Try to

PERSONAL JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCEPersonal journeys are cherishing experience and example for coming generations to epitomize, to idealize and to capitalize the time best to its optimization by following personal approaches. Journey to excellence is kick-started with a broader vision which should possess acumen and be latching onto the available opportunities ahead of your competitors. The […]


Kelas keberagaman berupa suku, budaya, agama, bahasa, dan sejenisnya,

Kelas Pluralisme Sebagai Sarana Penanaman Nilai-Nilai Toleransi dan Kebhinekaan pada Generasi Muda   Pendahuluan Tahun 2045 merupakan tahun yang penting bagi bangsa Indonesia. Pada tahun tersebut, Indonesia sudah mencapai kemerdekaan yang ke-100 dan pada tahun 2020-2030 Indonesia akan mengalami bonus demografi. Bonus demografi adalah (widow of opportuniy) yang dinikmati suatu negara yang ada di dunia […]


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