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For centuries culture has been what shaped us as people. Our personalities, the way we interact with others, the way we dress, speak and even walk or talk was and still is sometimes determined by the culture with which we identify. A simple definition of culture would be the customs, values and social interactions of […]


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Have you ever noticed that a part of your body gets slimmed down and perfectly toned but the other parts remain as it is-flabby and out of shape? You might be wondering what is wrong with your body. You are regularly working out hard but still not getting the perfect shape. Why? The main reason […]


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Marx’ theory of AlienationIn this paper, I will talk about Max’s theory of Alienation. Firstly, the theory will be explained by my own understanding, secondly, some examples will be listed to further explain the theory, finally, the criticism about the theory will be discussed. In this article, alienation mainly refers to the alienation of labor.Based on Marx, the alienation is not […]


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The light makes a large area of shadow that helps in enhancing evocativeness and mystery within the store. The use of light to create an outstanding visual image of the retail shop helps enhance the beauty and appearance of the retail space. The masterful use of full space expression is seen in San Paolo store. […]


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Have you ever thought that HOME ADDITION may be the answer to accommodate your growing family? With a growing family or lifestyle, an alteration to your home in the form of a home addition becomes essential to meet your needs. We can build that additional room that you continually fantasize about, add an extra dining room, […]


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  My desire for this course has developed from a lesson in construction, we were assigned to research the hierarchy of the industry. This is when I first became aware of the role of a Quantity Surveyor. What attracted me to the position is that Surveying involves problem-solving in a mathematical way. I really enjoy […]


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The Aravind Eye Care System ( AECS ) epitomizes to near-splendid an industry market paradigm: high-class input paired with inexpensive consumables and high productivity keeps running costs low and grants quality output together with public desire. Prior to retiring in 1976 from the Government Medical College, Dr G. Venkataswamy decided to set up the Aravind […]


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According to the old Act, it is compulsory for incorporation to hold Annual General Meeting once in year (SSM, 2017). However, the requirement for AGM for private companies has been eliminated under the New CA. This means that when CA come into effective on 2017, all private companies are do not compulsory to get AGM […]


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Throughout historical times women have been diminished, degraded and subjugated, at a time when the rest of the world considered women as no better than slaves, with no rights whatsoever, Islam acknowledged women’s equality; contradicting to this value why does Islam oppress Muslim women? Attitudes towards women only began to change until the 19th and […]


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Abstract Steroidogenesis is a process which governs the conversion of cholesterol to active steroid hormones. The de novo biosynthesis of active steroid hormones from the precursor, cholesterol, involves the mobilization of cholesterol from the cellular stores to the inner mitochondrial membrane in order to produce the first steroid hormone, pregnenolone. This trafficking of cholesterol to […]


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