p.p1 An example of a corporate business is PepsiCo,

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Introduction: An organization or an economic system where goods are exchanged for one another or for money is called business. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom with its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit.
 Business can be privately owned, not for profit or state owned. An example of a corporate business is PepsiCo, while a mom-and-pop catering business is a private enterprise.

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Abstract: There are tons of challenges faced by business in today’s competitive world. To list out there are many, but few of them here are as follows:

Uncertainty about the future
Financial management
Monitoring performance

While in this present scenario, the world is facing many competencies around which are in turn named to be as business challenges. These may affect all the forms of business too, like small scale, large and medium scale type of business. 

Main challenges that which are faced by small scale business(less than 50 employees) are as follows:

Customers: customers are the heart of business. The customers play a key role in revenue generation. The challenge here is to attract, retain and maximize your customers.

Cash flow issues: money problems in various forms are the top of most lists of many woes, and for small businesses the major worries are clients and unexpected outgoings that are to be paid.

Employee motivation: this is very important in small business in particular, as there tend to be fewer of them and apathy has a great impact. Ensuring the happiness and productive work of employees are very much required.

Information overload: in current generation, new facts and data keeps emerging and replacing old believes and trends. Due to this, it gets really hard to find through the data and come up with new decisions. 

Small entity: as compared to the other two forms of business organizations, this sector mainly is pressurized to face the challenge of concentrated labor force and work efficiency. At the initial stages they might be successful in their strategic attitude, but by days passing the workload takes a toll on new entrepreneurs. 

Main challenges that which is faced by medium sized business (51-100 employees) are as follows: 

Growing revenue: growing revenue is almost as much of a concern for medium sized business. Existing in this large range is tenuous, as expenses tend to increase dramatically, rather than incrementally. Hence, the revenue drains like retail shrink, chargeback and waste can really hurt. Greater revenue provides more protection against these shocks.

Hiring employees: this stage in business’s development is when hiring employee’s starts to become a primary concern. Business needs a large workforce in order to continue growing.

Employee health care: once the business employee’s 50th employee, the affordable care act provision kicks in requiring that employer to begin offering health insurance to the employees. These is one of those dramatic new cost associated with raising to the level of medium sized business, one which seems during for business owners who still have a small business mentality.

Government regulation: as business grows to this level, the list of government regulation to which they must adapt also quickly grows. This includes everything from laws concerning consumer data security to minimum wage increases. Much business will feel growing pains, as they scramble to fit within their new regulatory guidelines and face these expanding business challenges. 

Increasing profit: increasing profit is less of a concern at this level, than on the small business scale. Think of it like an airplane. When a business is starting out, it needs to aim high and try to gain attitude as quickly as possible; but once in the air, it’s about achieving stability more than rapid growth.

Main challenges that which is faced by large sized business (101+ employees) are as follows: 

Lack of capital: for the establishment of large scale organizations, there is huge amount of capital required which is very difficult to be formed and raised. 
Lack of infrastructure: infrastructure such as transportation, communication and electricity are the most essential elements for the industries to be operated. Non- availability of proper infrastructure can ruin up the smooth processing of large scale enterprises. 

Skilled personnel: large enterprises make better uses of specialized and skilled personnel. There is dearth of skilled and specialized personnel which provides obstacles in the way of large enterprises.

Lack of co-ordination: there are many departments that function under a single large scale enterprise, and there can be various conflicts arising amongst them. This can lead to 

Lack of understanding and co- ordination between owners and managers or sometimes between departments too because of wide spread.

Decentralizing the control: the owners of large scale enterprises cannot exercise control over all the affairs of the company. They would have to decentralize their authoritative control over the business organization. This may lead to negligence of certain delicate areas which may need to necessarily have always an eye on. 

Overcoming these above challenges is the foremost duty of any entrepreneur. Encountering these challenges is the thing we all have in common and that which the vital factor to set us apart as an entrepreneur are as follows: 

Brainstorm, then solve the problem
Critique yourself, and your team
Ability to face healthy competitions 
Developing emotional rollercoaster resilience
Taking up the positive spirit in failure
Getting committed to focused discipline
Bringing up in creative and innovative ideas
Using time as an advantage
Keeping an active plan with a alternative
Seeking advice and support
Tracking up the progress
Visualizing goals for motivation

Conclusion: each and every business organizations has its own set of problems and challenges to be faced. But, not every organization is successful enough in overcoming all those. The true spirit of an entrepreneur lies in overcoming them with new hopes and enthusiasm in a very pleasing and gentle approach. 


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