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Top ten books about folklore

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Folklore is
defined as a story or belief that is rooted in the society to the
culture or beliefs of a certain group or community. These are in
forms of oral stories, written scriptures and sometimes even in forms
of jokes. Folklore influences buildings, way of life of the
community, wedding rites and the last rites as well. Folklore is not
only religious, but it is also at times children stories at bedtime
which contain elements of magic, introduction of demons, trolls,
witches and characters of the sort.

List of
top 10 book about folklore

#1: Complete Grimm’s Fairy tales by Grimm Brothers

The book deals in magic, fairies, stories like Rapunzel,
Cinderella etc. which inspire the triumph of good over evil are all
depicted here.

Read it
for: the book is an interesting read with a lot of magic
elements and a lot of interesting stories to tell children during

read it for: if you are not interested in magic or children’s

makes the book stand out? The very fact that it contains the
stories we grew up listening to by our parents and grandparents and
this being one of the popular folklore books.

#2: Aseop’s
Fables by Aseop (ISBN- 9780762428762)

the book deals in stories with a moral and contains short fables
and is the book that made the writing style of story in the form of
fables really famous, the stories in which animals are personified.

Read it
for: the book is a really good example of personification and
offers morals in each story. All in all it is interesting to read
and at the very same time builds your story base to tell bedtime
stories to children.

read it for: it has some aspects in the story of the old society
which one may not connect to and anyone who doesn’t like the style
of fable would not appreciate it.

makes the book stand out? In the list of folklore books, this
book is one of the very first works to be done in the style of
fables and remains famous in terms of characters even today.

#3: American Gods
by Neil Gaiman (ISBN-9780062572233)

the book is basically a mystery novel which is based on the
authors intriguing view into researching the American history and
its elements of god, power, evil etc.

Read it
for: the book is intriguing and it will totally grasp you with
its mystical touch and the style of writing that the author has.

read it for: if you are not interested in this genre then this
book will not intrigue you at all.

makes the book stand out? The book’s name attracts because it
says about gods which have rarely or not at all explored. It can be
considered as one of the folklore books for adults

#4: Why
mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears by Verna Aardema

the book deals with what happens when people lie to other and
what chaos it may cause. It beautifully makes its point by means of
buzzing of mosquito in people’s ears which eventually lead to
owlet’s death.

Read it
for: the book is award winning and it is an African folklore
which is something new to try out.

read it for: if you are not interested in fables then this book
might not be for you.

makes the book stand out? The book is of African context and the
fact that it is award winning and carries the question as the title
which we have always asked as children, intrigues people.

#5: The Arabian
nights (ISBN-  9780140449389)

The book is based on pleasure, wish fulfilment and sorts. It
contains elements of magic of middle eastern descent and has djinns,
sandstorms etc.

Read it
for: Not reading this book in folklore is like rejecting a
religious text. The book is really famous in the genre.

read it for: the people with no inclination towards such
characters or towards the mystical pieces of middle eastern society
might not find this book interesting and the pieces of the was of
that society might also hinder some people’s ability to connect to
the text.

makes the book stand out? The ways it presents horror, mystery,
magic, and moral at times is intriguing.

#6: Lon Po Po: A
Red-riding hood story from china by Ed Young (ISBN- 9780698113824)

the story is based on the similar European version just with the
change that there are three boys here who use their brains to handle
the wolf.

Read it
for: this is considered better option than the European version
and it provides a different aspect to the story for a change.

read it for: if you are a fan of the European version and you
are not very fond of change then this is not for you. Even the
Chinese context may not be well accepted by many.

makes the book stand out? The Asian touch to the very old story
and increment in the number of possible victims of the wolf also
intrigues the readers with possibilities. This is most recognised
children’s folklore books.

#7: The complete
fairy tales by Hans Cristian Anderson(ISBN-  9781626860995)

the book is based on the fairy tales as the name itself suggests and
contains stories for children especially.

Read it
for: the stories are the one that contain morals and thus they
are a good read for children.

Don’t read it for: if you are a teenager the stories might
not intrigue you still because they are meant for still smaller
children and you might find a few things illogical which you may had
liked had you been a child.

makes the book stand out? The very famous stories among our
parents and friends are included in the book.

The Mitten by Jan Brett (ISBN-9780399231094)

is the story of a boy who drops his mitten in the jungle without
realising it is missing and then the animals start gathering and
then it later all unfolds to a very wonderful climax.

it for: It
is a beautiful story with the same fable style of writing, but one
that is gripping and has Ukrainian culture.

read it for:
if you don’t like fables then you might not find this interesting.

makes the book stand out?
The way of writing and the power if making the reader visualize the
whole thing.

Uprooted by Naomi Novik (ISBN-9780804179058)

a story with a dragon. The story revolves around a girl named
Agnieszka and a powerful dark wizard. the dragon who takes young
girls to serve him in return for protection against dark forest.

it for: the
book is full of surprises and twists.

read it for:
if you don’t like elements like dragons and all.

makes the book stand out?
The presence of the dragon and the unexpected twists.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (ISBN-9780393609097)

book is based on old Norse stories in a novel context.

it for: Norse
mythology is always intriguing to read.

read it for: If
you don’t appreciate things as indestructible weapons, old gods,
flying, special powers.

makes the book stand out? The
Norse mythology and the writing style of the author and it being one
of the best books on folklore and mythology


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