One to purchase healthcare from a provider in California

One of the biggest
current problems facing the American people is the topic of healthcare. In
America, healthcare insurance is key to receiving good and adequate treatment
without paying ridiculous sums of money out of pocket. Many Americans use
private insurance companies to help pay for costs but a great number of
Americans are uninsured and do not receive necessary treatments because they
cannot afford them. Ever since the Clinton-Era reform passing a good healthcare
bill has been nearly impossible. Constant party conflicts, failures of old
healthcare bills, and lack of a true free healthcare market have all
contributed to the problem that is American Healthcare reform. The only true
success in recent memory has been the Obamacare bill passing and insuring
millions of Americans. While it was not a good bill and has since cost millions
of dollars in subsidies and handouts it still passed and gave Americans who
were not insured healthcare. Now that the GOP holds congress and the presidency
they are fighting to undo all of the democrats work ,such as Obamacare, in
favor of new legislation they believe will fix the nations inequality of
healthcare quality. Regardless of which party thinks they are right, millions
of Americans will pay the price if the new healthcare law is not adequate and
meets their needs. The failures of the past have helped redefine how healthcare
should be structured in America as well as how correctly implement such bills.

            One of the current big issues with healthcare in America
is the idea of a free market healthcare system. The Republican have sought to
implement such a concept in their new legislation and it has been one of the
key agreeable parts of the bill. The notion of a free market comes from the
idea that if one lives in North Carolina but wants to purchase healthcare from
a provider in California because it is cheaper than they can. This in turn
makes the provider in North Carolina lose business and cause them to adjust
their rates. According to republicans this makes more competition and lower
prices for the consumers to benefit from. However this is not the current way
the system operates, instead of giving choice and control insurance companies
possess all the power when dictating price/coverage. Companies now instead
maximize profits by excluding some pre-existing conditions or making them
extremely costly to insure. This hurts the elderly and poor the most as they
can often times not afford the coverage. This is a problem Obamacare sought to
fix by forcing insurers to take on more clients with a flat rate and coverage
so all could be insured. While there was a good intention there it only made
problems worse as somehow prices got more expensive and coverage less adequate
making millions still go without insurance. This is why it is necessary to
implement a new piece of legislation that allows for free market insurance such
as the Republicans have suggested. (Hufford)

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            President Obama was the first president in many years to
provide the millions of uninsured in America with hope that they could get good
medical treatment for pre-existing conditions. Obamacare succeeded in insuring
many of these Americans however as a whole it was a poorly designed piece of
legislation that placed massive burdens on the poorest of the poor and the
middle class(ATR). Upon its release Obamacare allowed for the usage of an
online program that would allow you to sign up for coverage. Naturally that
program didn’t work and crashed the moment it was released leaving millions
without the coverage they were promised and also a good portion of people
became uninsured because they dropped their coverage with other providers. This
problem, while minor, represented a major setback in the populations trust of
the government to handle their insurance. Later this problem would only become
worse as premiums started to rise all over the nations for individuals who were
on Obamacare. Some states that were promised premium reductions saw their
premiums raise by over 200%. The government solution became to give out subsidies
to offset the rising premiums, another huge blow to the middle class. So now
Americans were being taxed once for Obamacare and then again for the subsidies.
Even worse some Americans on Obamacare could fell short of subsidized status so
they had to pay the increased premium rates as well as the taxes. It is obvious
that this hurt a good amount of Americans in this country who needed a
dependable insurance provider with adequate coverage instead of a half-decent
extremely expensive coverage that they were provided. If the political parties
in power desire to insure millions of Americans with taxpayer dollars they
should at least have the confidence that it will be good enough to give the
uninsured proper care(Furchgott).

            One of the largest challenges facing the
current healthcare proposals is congress’s inability to get along. The
government is a direct reflection of the divide seen in today’s society.
Republicans hate Democrats and Democrats hate Republicans. It is almost as if
no cooperation wants to exist, no compromises. Healthcare reform is a direct
reflection of modern government because if an individual is a republican,
democrat bills must fail but if a person is a democrat, republican bills must
fail. It makes it hard to get any meaningful healthcare reconstruction.
Americans must first learn to compromise and cooperate in order to further
proceed in making good legislation to benefit those who need it most(Zubrin).


            In conclusion, a more beneficial healthcare program is
needed in the US and congress is struggling to get one passed. After decades of
disagreements and failure of American Healthcare reforms more people are in
need of adequate and affordable coverage than ever. The necessity of a free
market, a better healthcare program than Obamacare, and more bipartisanship
paramount in securing the wellbeing of citizens in America. The past failures
do not dictate the future and the present governing powers need to fix the
problem before it becomes unfixable and the system in place collapses.
Affordable and reliable healthcare is what the people ask for and it is what
they should receive. 


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