Observing inevitably influenced by them. The discovery of this

Observing as, with the recent political turmoil in Poland, law was manipulated and altered for the benefit of the ruling party, I noticed how it is always involved in the current affairs and inevitably influenced by them. The discovery of this diverse face of law, which either organises and improves the life of the society or is being misused for personal gains, motivated me to expand my knowledge of it as an academic subject.

My school subjects helped me to progress skills crucial to perform well as a Law student. In my English course, I practised writing argumentative essays and trained critical thinking by engaging in class debates, often concerning controversial topics that are not yet entirely regulated by law, such as the castration therapy of convicted child molesters or whether culture justifies cruelty, on the example of virginity testing. I found the formulation of persuasive arguments to defend my position very intellectually stimulating and rewarding, especially when I had to argue an assigned stance opposite to my personal opinion that seemed indefensible. Moreover, in my History classes I learned to analytically approach the historical evidence and gained the ability to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant sources and to critically interpret their content.

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Attending the Municipal Court as a member of the audience at criminal cases not only enabled me to witness routine courtroom proceedings, but also drove my attention to the importance of an attorney and a surprising lack of compassion for the accused: in one case, the defendant, evidently not familiar with his rights and the procedures, was left with no one to represent him as an attorney resigned without his knowledge. Nevertheless, he was sentenced to six months in prison. Although this experience left me perplexed, it only strengthened my eagerness to acquire Law education and become a part of the solution in the future. During my practice at a local notary office I was responsible for reading drafts of legal documents to the clients and applying relevant corrections established between them and the notary. It showed me that accuracy and careful wording are a crucial and intrinsic part of the legal profession and even a slight modification can completely alter the meaning. I had a chance to develop these abilities by taking extracurricular English classes and passing the DELF exam on the A2 level, testing my French language abilities. Moreover, working with clients helped me to expand my interpersonal skills and the art of clear oral communication, as consulting a family with an adult daughter affected by the Down Syndrome required adjusting my language adequately by using simpler words and slower articulation. Inspired by attending Model United Nations as a delegate, I became one of the main organisers of the local MUN session, taking responsibility for managing the group of over twenty graphic designers, journalists and photographers. The systematic preparation of this event enabled me to demonstrate organisational and collaboration skills and developed me as a successful group leader.

Apart from fulfilling myself academically, I am also passionate about modern art, which was crowned with my exhibition about feminism in the local gallery. Through finding time outside of school to create I managed to achieve a balance between academic study and cultural enrichment. Additionally, I am an enthusiastic traveler and, as I am the only English speaker in my family, the need of communicating with locals helps me to improve my English efficiency and confidence.

I look forward to pursuing my further education in the United Kingdom, which will enable me to investigate the complexity of the legal system in a broader, international context and explore a new, multicultural environment. I believe that my extensive skills, determination and potential make me a competent Law undergraduate that is able to make a beneficial contribution to the university.


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