Motivation is to be the 1st in his school

Motivation letter

Dear scholarship selection

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You can’t imagine my pleasure when I saw this particular opportunity to
apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme and with this letter;
I wish to express my super strong motivation for one-tier master programme in

I’ll write my story, Since my childhood, I was a hard-working student
whose dream is to be the 1st in his school every year, but the funny thing
about that I just was one of the top 10 in the school because I get 3rd place
every year as a result of that, I won many prizes and certificates due to being
in school broadcast, representing my school national mathematics and sketching

After finishing my secondary school, I wanted to travel abroad to see
college lifestyle and studying architecture as it was my childhood beautiful
dream. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money for traveling and pursuing my
studies abroad so my dreams were shattered and I have to study architecture at
a local university.

People speaking more than one language in addition to their own are much
more open-minded than those who are not. I know Arabic, so I know the Arabic
customs and tradition. I know English, so I know the French customs and
tradition. Etc…Therefore, it would like to learn Hungarian be easy for me to
be in good contact with Hungarian people so that I tried to learn Hungarian
language but it was more difficult than French and English so it will be a
challenge to learn the Hungarian language.

Studying abroad especially in Hungary is a dream for many reasons.
Hungary has a prestigious education that is recognized in the European Union
and elsewhere. In addition to that, the multi-national environment in Hungary
that helps international students, the independence I can gain from studying
abroad I can’t really get it any other way and I’ll become a lot more
culturally aware of what’s going on the world as travelling opens us up to the
wonders of our world and it helps to appreciate nature.

I volunteer as much as possible, Some of my volunteer work I volunteered
to Five years ago, I was a volunteer at the Community Development Association
to help plant the village, raise awareness of the importance of preserving the
environment and participate in many cultural and practical competitions as well
as I volunteered in Resala charitable organization society and participated in
distributing food for the poor and needy..etc. Besides, I’m the youngest member
of twenty- two 22 magazine monthly Arab architectural online magazine, created
by a group of architects and students and we are working on enriching Arab
architectural scientific content and raising the level of architectural thought
for students throughout the Arab world and Our motto is: Read sincerely, Work
sincerely, Learn sincerely. In addition to that, I participated in people and
heritage festivals for 3 days in Mansoura because it’s a unique festival about
Mansoura heritage and how we preserve it.

I want to be an architect and my acceptance from the scholarship
committee will be my first step to win Aga Khan Award. I want to be great
architect not good, not also grand, not, second, not third.

Choosing architecture is going to be pretty flexible for kind of my
diverse interests and I look at design as something as problem-solving not just
an aesthetic sort of practice and so I was looking for the marriage between
design and engineering and it’s my dream to be design famous buildings like
Zaha Hadid, Foster, Gehry..etc.

I promise I will put the utmost effort into finishing my studies and
achieving the best possible results. I am certain that with my intellectual
skills and volition, considering that I finished high school with high grades
and finishing my preparatory year with v.good GPA and I am ready for any exam
or interview.

Thank you very much in advance for giving me this great opportunity to
present myself and I hope to be accepted.

Best regard, Hussein Hamed Ahmed
Ahmed Hashish 


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