ing, commandment, the pigs alter it to ‘ No

ing, Napoleon asks the animals if there was anyone else who wanted to confess. A duck and a sheep come forward and they along with the chickens are escorted by the dogs to be killed. Since this was again breaking a commandment, the pigs alter it to ‘ No animal shaal be killed by another animal without a cause’.Another attack takes place on the farm and this time there is a lot of bloodshed and Boxer gets injured. All this while Napoleon hides inside the house afraid to come out. During this attack, farmer Jones blows up the windmill. The animals get back to working to building the windmill with little or no food to eat while the pigs consume the produce as well as the things sent by Mr. Whymper. One rainy day, when Benjamin and Boxer were working late at the windmill, Boxer has an accident with a bolder and he gets severely injured. The next day when all the animals go for work, a van comes to the farm. Everyone assumes it is an ambulance but Benjamin sees right through and calls the animals for help but by the time they return to the farm, the van takes away Boxer. Benjamin recognises the van as Mr. Whymper’s van. Another pig, however, tries to convince the animals that the van had been hired and he was there with Boxer till the end and that his last words were ‘Long Live Napoleon’. He tries to get the animals to repeat with him but he fails. Napoleon had actually sold away Boxer for an exchange of Alcohol for their consumption.Years pass and the farm is blooming but the animals are not happy. Delegate pigs from other farms visit the Animal Farm for celebrations. Another windmill has been set up. Pigs now walk on two feet and wear clothes, again breaking two of the commandments. Benjamin returns from farm and tries to see what the pigs are celebrating. The seven commandments have been combined to one and it reads ‘ All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than other animals’. He also listens to the pigs talking about making the animals work more and eat less. While listening to all this, a vivid view appears in front of Benjamin due to his tiredness. All the pigs turn into Farmer Jones. He sees no difference between the humans and the pigs. All the animals of other farms and the Animal Farm unite and break down the walls of the house and kill the pigs, hence gaining freedom from all kinds of rulers once and for all.