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    In Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner,” the novel unfolds in a variety of places, however, it heavily relies on the turmoil within Afghanistan. Around the time Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union, readers are able to explore the highs and lows of the relationships between Hassan, Amir, Baba, and Ali. Although the author creates a complex portrait, Hassan and Amir, in addition to Baba and Ali, are so intricately linked through a rigid culture system.     Even though Amir and Hassan are similar in some aspects, there are several differences that makes them disparate. Starting off with their social classes, Amir is Pashtun, while Hassan is a Hazara. Hazaras are the lower class of Afghanistan and are often discriminated by the Pashtuns. Another difference between Hassan and Amir, is that Hassan is extremely loyal to Amir. However, Amir never considered Hassan and him to be friends. Despite them growing up together, Amir has always took advantage of Hassan and his devotion to their friendship. From the standards of society and his peers, Amir was almost forced to think that Hassan was inferior to him, and Amir actually believed this. Another contrast between these boys is, Hassan defends Amir whenever he is in a predicament. Unlike Hassan, Amir is a complete coward and doesn’t stand up for Hassan. An example of this is when Hassan was raped by Assef. Amir watched Hassan being sexually abused and didn’t do anything to help him.         One similarity between Hassan and Amir is that they both lost their mothers at a very young age and only grew up with a father figure. Although Hassan wasn’t as educated as Amir, he shared an interest in stories and literature, just like Amir.         Baba and Ali always had a very close relationship, as if they were brothers. However, there is an divergence between them, due to social class, that will always leave Baba with the upper hand and advantage. Baba was a Pashtun, meanwhile, Ali is a Hazara and his servant. One difference between Baba and Ali is that Baba’s wife died at childbirth due to hemorrhaging. Unlike Baba’s wife, Ali’s wife ran away after giving birth to Hassan. Another contrast between Ali and Baba is that Baba is very well known and respected leader in Kabul. Although he helps people in need, Baba has a very tough exterior and personality. It can sometimes come off as very aggressive or intimidating. In addition to that, Baba isn’t a religious man. Ali is the complete opposite of Baba. Ali has polio, which severely damaged one of his legs, and suffers a congenital paralysis of his lower facial muscles. Due to his physical deformities, he receives constant harassment. He doesn’t retaliate to the negativity. Ali simply ignores the ignorant insults and moves on.  Despite these limitations, he makes the best out of what he is given. Not only is he humble and kind, Ali can also sing beautifully. Ali is also a very religious man, and has an enormous amount of faith in God.                   


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