In mind.” How can we ever know the difference

In both films, The Matrix
and Inception both question our perception of actual physical time, is what we
perceive actually real? In The Matrix, Neo comes to the realization that he is
in a virtual stimulated world created by machines. After such discovery, his
life up to that point has been completely meaningless. Eventually, Neo meets
with Morpheus and is then told that reality is different than what people
perceive it to be and explains to him what the Matrix is. So, resulting in Neo
going after the destruction of the machines whom which created “the Matrix” and
risking his life while doing so. This machine harvests humans to use them as
energy sources. Seemingly enough, I feel as if such movie intends to belittle
human existence but instead all it does is awakening our thoughts about the physical
space and time. This actually goes back to Descartes argument about his sensory
experiences never matching his reality. “The Matrix is everywhere …. It is the
world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” “What
truth?” “A prison for your mind.” How can we ever know the difference between
the real world and your dream world? It depends on your perception. Whereas in
Inception Dom Cobb is dreaming but fully aware of the possible chance that he
is dreaming. It is practically impossible to tell whether you are dreaming or
actually awake in this film. Well, first what does inception mean? the act of
instilling an idea into someone’s mind by entering his or her dreams. Cobb
goes off to explain that one can only believe their own thought if they are in
deep deep sleep. This also relates to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in the mere
fact that people’s reality depends on what they know and believe. So, we come
to the question why is the real world so different from the matrix or our
dreams? Those who are actually conscious of the true nature of the physical and
virtual world are able to change the laws of the physics in the other worlds. It
is clearly implied that in both of these films that there are people who are
willing to embrace being a slave to the world whereas others will not and will
stop at all cost to not embrace it. But although these movies have their
differences like in the Matrix humans have plugs that can help them be in the
virtual world and in Inception they have a portable talisman. Sometimes you are
to believe what your perception is trying to show you. You are in control of
your own life, we merely know very little and what we perceive changes
constantly. If we come to have a problem believing that nothing is real or our
world isn’t real, don’t stress it and don’t overlook it and live your life the
same way. What I’m saying is the emotions we feel and beliefs, that can formulate
over the course of both of these films are real, not illusions. 


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