How to Make Your Own Website for Free?

Congrats! You ask why? Well, all of us think to do a lot of things but you took a step forward by coming here trying to find your way. Give a pat on your back for this achievement and pull your socks for the upcoming journey. But before that let me tell you things that you should know – how to make your own website for free!

Why Have a Website?

A website is going to be your identity on the Internet. You can build it from scratch to any level you would like. It can be an idea, opinion, or your experience that you wanna share with the mass. It is a mode to help people in a way you can and the best part is that you can get paid for the good work.

I’m sure you would agree with me that Google is the first place the majority of people go to when they are looking for something. It can be an address, a contact number, details about a product they want to buy, or maybe just to read something of their interest. There’s an infinite information available on the web and it has been put there by some of us only.

Are you the one that gets asked a lot of questions when your friends and acquaintances want to buy a car, or a gadget, or anything for that matter? Or are you the one who loves to give relationship advice and it really works? Do you love traveling and want people to see the world through your eyes? You can have a website about anything imaginable and believe me, you will find people looking for that information online.

How to get it for free?

SiteRubix offers not just 1, 2, or 3 but 25 free websites. That’s a lot of them to play around and learn. Once you are sure that you are good to go, you can buy a domain and move your content from the free website to the one you bought. This may sound a little techie but Wealthy Affiliate makes it as easy as clicking on a button. And the reason I recommend to have a website of your own is that it always feels good to own your home than to live in a rented house. Doesn’t it?

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Don’t Just Create a Website; Build One

There’s a lot said about creating a website without any coding or any special qualification but it certainly helps when you have someone to guide you and answer all your questions. That’s where Wealthy Affiliate come into the picture. You can learn how to build a website for free. There will be a 10 Lessons course which covers the basic of getting you up and running. You can go through the courses at your own pace and comfort. Now that’s a deal to catch!

How to Make Your Own Website for Free

No Coding Required

A lot of people think that you need to be a geek to have a website or a blog but the technology has made it super easy to build a website and if you know what a computer and the internet are, well, that’s all the prerequisite to creating your own website. What if I tell you that you can have a website in just 30 seconds? Don’t believe me? Check the video below:

Create a website in 30 seconds
Learn to Create a Website for Free


Don’t Let the Demon Inside, Stop You!

How to Make Your Own Website for Free

  • Everything you read above sounds like a great deal.
  • You always wanted to have a blog or a website. If you didn’t, you now think this could be something you want to do.
  • And the best part is it’s all free to begin.

But somewhere inside you, a voice is telling you to wait and look for some more information. Well, this is the part of you that will never ever let you do something new. You know why? Because that’s how we grow up; with a fear to try new things, with a discomfort to change our daily routines, and this is where we lose.

When I came to this route, I didn’t have the option to do it for free and the demon inside told me it is not safe. I asked it is not safe to do what? To learn something new? Or to take a risk that could take me a step forward to how I want to live? I didn’t find any answers, so, I took the plunge and paid for the first month. I must say I couldn’t have made a better decision.

There comes a time in life, most probably after college that we stop investing in ourselves, we get involved in our respective jobs and stops to grow. I can talk and talk about this but it won’t serve the purpose until you tell your inner self that it is okay to do this, to do anything that you think you can do or you want to do. Get out of the comfort zone and try!

Get Started Here!
Get Started Here

“When you try, you never Fail, you Learn!”

If you have any question, opinion, or want to share your own experience of Wealthy Affiliate, leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



  1. Hi Anubhav. Thank you for this article, it will give anyone out there the idea that making money online indeed is possible. SiteRubix is the best website building platform I can think of, because the system literally does all of the ground/foundation work for you. All you have to do is pick the theme of your website, customize the look of it, and take care of the content side of things.

  2. I think building a website has always been a difficult task for any internet marketing noob, because of the lack of direction online.

    It would be truly amazing to set up my own website and create a name for myself on the internet. I’ve seen so many bloggers doing it and making a lot of money from working hard and sharing information to help people.

    Your recommendation of a Free SiteRubix website is awesome, and what I especially love about the whole idea is being able to build a site in just seconds!


    1. Hi Neil,

      Glad that you found this helpful. 🙂

      Wish you all the best for your future-website. You can always come back here if you are lost again.


  3. Anyone who wants to build a website and start and online business should choose wealthy affiliate because this community has all the tools and the help that a person would need to have online success the key is to just follow the step by step direction that is given and the rest is history. Success is yours and sky is the limit and the good part also is that there is no start up cost. Wealthy affiliate has the best platform there is.

  4. Hi there you can create a website with Wealthy Affiliate in literally 20 seconds, it’s pretty awesome, their training is great as well!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post!

  5. Hello Anubhav, thank you for a simple, clear call to action for your visitors. There are many people who desire to have a website but have no idea on how to go about making it happen. Your offer here gives an answer.

    1. Hi EJ,

      I was so amazed when I came across the process. I didn’t know it was this simple to build a website and this was one reason it took so long before I could try. So, I just thought to share it with the mass. Thank you for stopping by.


  6. Hey Anubhav,

    I love the no coding part, I remember years back then I used to learn coding. It was so annoying I paid someone else to do the coding for me instead.

    It was very expensive and quality was terrible but today, we can build websites pretty easy and within a few minutes too. There’s absolutely no excuse not to. I hope I would have come across this page earlier though, such a great opportunity and progress would have been much easier 😀

    1. Hi Riaz,

      “No Coding” is one reason I’m here. Feel blessed that we have this option. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  7. I love my site on Wealthy Affiliate! Your description is accurate, I needed no background in website design or coding. The lessons come with videos and a few simple tasks to make sure you’ve got it!
    I’d also like to mention how supportive the Wealthy Affiliate community is! I’ve met so many positive people willing to offer me, a stranger, help to make my site better. It’s an awesome feeling!
    Thanks for broadening the community!

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