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 Having always had an affinity towards business, I capitalized on this by taking up two summer internships in my family business during college. In the Production Department of rice mills, I overlooked the production floor of the plant, building technical and management skills. To broaden my experience, I took up another internship in Logistics Department of Timber Imports and Distribution. Through this experience, I picked up strategies on marketing and distribution. Post graduation, in pursuit, to grow my comfort circle I took up a job in Qatar as Mechanical Project Engineer. I was challenged on every front as this role tested my skills of working in a cross-functional and multicultural environment. Executing the project on time, my hard work and skills were noticed. I was promoted to Project Coordinator and assigned to work on a road infrastructure project under South Korean clients. Through these varied projects, I learnt to adapt myself to client demands and hone my communication and project execution skills. In order to get exposure to other fields of business, I also took up the role of Business Development Officer, where I got the chance to network with various companies and hone my marketing skills. It was during this time that I noticed the potential to start a scaffolding and site safety services company. Through this entrepreneurial experience, I learnt various aspects of business from starting up to executing and managing day-to-day business operations. Though it was a great experience, lack of strategic planning and economic crises that Qatar was going through, I had to close the start up after a one-year stake. Although I was able to generate revenue and gain experience, it made me cognizant of the fact that I needed a concrete understanding of various business aspects and entrepreneurship in order to take up a similar endeavor in the future. In the short term, I see myself working in the consulting sector, where I can get a bird’s eye view of the different functions and gain experience of working on varied projects from start-ups to well-established companies. But in order to reach my goal, I believe that I require skills that a Master in Entrepreneurship programme from Uppsala can help me develop.


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