Guru recognition and video in the handheld devices. The

                                                                                                                      Guru Nishok Radhakrishnan,   CSC5593

                                                                                           REPORT #1, JAN,    , 2018

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                              Report on “A New Direction for
Computer Architecture Research”

This paper is focused
on implementing the VectorIRAM , which is a microprocessor architecture for processing
the media running on the portable devices. Generally, an architecture designed for
the billion transistor microprocessors works well for the desktop computers
while it doesn’t for the multimedia applications in the portable and handheld
devices. Obviously, this provides an opportunity for the architect society to
design a processor that works well with the portable devices.

The approach the
authors have chosen to solve this problem involves three main causes, The first
being trends that will affect the processor design in the future, the second
being the uni-processor and multiprocessor reviews and evaluating the ways to design
a unique computing environment that will stay at least for two generations. The
third introduction of Vector IRAM  architecture that combines with the logic Dynamic
RAM in order to support speech recognition and video in the handheld devices.

The author implements
this realization by two main ideas : Vector IRAM addressing the multimedia
processor loads and the logic dynamic RAM focusing on the size ,energy efficiencies
and weight of the personal digital assistant. It is also seen that the VIRAM
works well for the PDA’s since it is scalable and provides support for the SIMD
instructions. The majority operations on the multimedia devices is based on the
algorithms and hence the vector architecture provides it with the highest

The author concludes
specifying the designing of the processors with the huge difference in the past
that stands in the track for next couple of generations. The author also
emphasizes on  designing the future
processors which focus on the current requirements, workload types and set a
new benchmark to follow. The author has provided an head start with the VIRAM
making this the first approach in this direction.


1 Christoforos E.
Kozyrakis., David A. Patterson ., “A New Direction for Computer Architecture
Research” ,Published in computer: (volume :31 , issue:11 , Nov 1998), doi:

URL address of the paper:


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