From writing are essentially the most demanding activities of

From Kaiser Wilhelm to Woodrow Wilson during the first world war, from
Adolf Hitler to Winston Churchill during the Second World War, and from Nikita
Khrushchev to John F. Kennedy during the Cold War. The only bridges between the
two historical figures in each set are the oceans of ideological differences
that lie between them. The past has given us ample reason to believe that people
are driven by either purely good or purely evil motives however, only a fine
line sits between the two. The atrocities following, has rippled through
posterity. According to me, law is the skeletal system of the body that is
society and has been instated to ensure the resonance of peace and order.

A history buff by nature, studying it during my IGCSE’s is the spark that
ignited the interest in me towards the legal system. The crime, injustice and
tendency to disregard the rights of human beings over the decades has compelled
me to provide a voice for those who feel too intimidated, insignificant or
insubstantial to use their own. My desire to understand people better drove me
to study Psychology during my AS and A levels. In dealing with people it is important
to understand their perspective or mental discrepancies that may be the cause
for their actions. A huge milestone in my academic journey was realized when I
scored one hundred percent in my History IGCSE exam which made it evident that
my strongest abilities lay within the sphere of the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

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Another great passion of mine revolves around the English Language
which I studied during my IGCSE’s and AS level. I dedicated hours upon hours to
perfecting my essays for the English class because nothing seemed to please me
more than to construct eloquent pieces of writing that successfully expressed
my thoughts and ideas to the reader. Extensive reading and writing are
essentially the most demanding activities of a lawyer, hence compelling me to
invest a reasonable amount of time in improving these skills to the best of my

Playing an active role in ameliorating the community has been one
of the limited constants in my life, if not through my own efforts, through the
experience of watching two of the greatest examples in my life, my parents.
Volunteering at organizations like the ‘Al Noor Training Center For Children
With Special Needs,’ which parallels a school environment for children with
limited behavioral or cognitive functions, and an organization called ‘Wings of
Angelz,’ which promotes the building of ramps to make the world more wheelchair
accessible, among others has allowed me to embrace the opportunity to give back
while also exposing me to a range of people and understanding their different
perspectives and styles of communication which is essential in a career like Law
where conversations with clients form the primary base for future

It has been inculcated into my moral code from a very young age,
that the privileges I have been blessed with, only bestowed a responsibility
upon me to ensure that others feel just as safe, important and valued as I do,
regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability.

Hence, I would be truly honored to be accepted into this program
as I assume that studying the law, and becoming a representative of its system
and morals will allow me to, in essence do the same, if not more. Law has not
always succeeded in its conquest, and it will remain this way unless each
member of every community combines their efforts to fulfill the objective of
serving justice to those who deserve it. They say you should be the change you
hope to see in the world and I aspire to do just that by delving further into
the operations of the law and all its facets while studying this degree.


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