Firstly, It does not only encourages them in their

Firstly, let’s know the importance of playing sports. Playing sports doesn’t help in physical development only but also in mental development. Another good thing about sports is they help in the overall growth of the children. Children who play sports are usually active. By playing sports, children learn to find new friends, to be fair to everyone, to be a leader, and to be strong both physically and mentally. In future, the habit of playing sports helps them to make their career in sports. Sports is one of the best things founded by humans. By playing different types of sport for one hour is a lot beneficial for kids. It helps to grow stronger muscles, bones, and joints, to have a stronger heart, to have a healthy body, decreases the risk of diabetes, mental sharpness and activeness, and better sleep.Playing sport is an exercise, and exercise is a proven way to have a healthy body. Some studies have found that healthy physical activity relates to growth in school performance. It does not only encourages them in their life but also teaches the valuable skills. They learn leadership, friendship, loyalty, respect for others, discipline, manners, fair play, and teamwork. Sport increases the likelihood of children to stay happy all day along. What’s more beautiful than seeing a smile on children’s face. It makes them happy by the soul. It gives them the happiness they deserve. Every child should participate in sports. They should have the intention to develop their physical and mental skills. Parents must not force them to participate or win a medal, they should only encourage them. Sport can develop confidence in children. Participating in sports is a helpful way to reduce stress and to increase the feeling of happiness.Another three points are very important:1) It helps to build a strong and positive self-esteem.2) It helps to build a great personality.3) It helps to maintain a good health.Sport is for everyone. It is not categorized between rich and poor. So, everyone can avail of sports. As we all know that school life is the best part of life and sport helps to make it more beautiful.When I was a child, I used to play a lot of cricket. Cricket was my favorite sport. I had an amazing experience with playing cricket. I made a lot of new friends, It resulted in increased stamina, increased positivity, and well-being. Cricket was the mood-changing sport for me. It taught me to what is a passion? how to communicate with another team players? what is sportsman spirit? I and my friends were crazy for cricket. we had an understanding teamwork between all the games.A study in Namibia┬áhas shown that children who participate in sports are more likely to pass the grade 10 examinations.


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