The Russian Prisoners in 18th 19th and 20th Centuries Essay

Treatment of Prisoners in Russia During the 18th 19th and 20th Century

The treatment of prisoners, and in particular the political prisoners and the prisoners of war over the centuries has been a controversial issue with standards set for handling of such poisoners, yet still these prisoners have not had the best of the conditions required anywhere in the world. This was a contentious issue in the historical Russia, but still remains a concern even in the present day Russian prisons (Gessen M. 2013) and other parts of the world. The paper is inclined towards the 18th, 19th and 20th century prisoners in Russia and how they were treated. It will also divulge the major reasons why these prisoners were subjected to the ill treatment, the editions on the way to prison, the conditions within the prisons and what people said about these prisons through art and other forms of expression.

The prisoners in Russia who were deemed to be against the governance systems of the time and the prisoners of war that were captured by Russian governments of the timer were subjected to the cold snow covered Siberia. The mode of transportation to the region was by walking through several miles of snow since there were no vehicles. Many prisoners ended up dead and were eaten by scavengers even before they reached the prisons in Siberia (Mekler J., 2015). The lives of the prisoners were considered worthless from the time they were captured, and if the ill treatment did not kill them on the road to prison, then the snow storm and adverse weather conditions killed the mostly Turkish prisoners.

Once they arrived in the prisons, they were subjected to squalid conditions and torture with minimum food provisions and excessive work. The prisoners were congested into small rooms and the guards were inhuman and cruel such that they did not care for the medical attention of even the most critical conditions like heart attack (Committee of The Judiciary U.S. Senate, 1972). The prisoners who were brought to Siberia due to opposing the ruling class often had their families brought with them, people who were completely innocent yet died in their thousands. In Siberia, there was no proper system of holding the prisoners that was put in place but all were bundled into the same prisons, the prisoners of war and the political prisoners all received same treatment (Nachtigal R.…

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