Prototyping Is a Great and Exciting Way Essay

Prototyping is a great and exciting way to allow for faster manufacturing across numerous fields. Things like bioprinting allow for prototyping reaching new levels of science and technology. Prototyping has become an important aspect of things like tissue engineering. This means society can cross-new frontiers in the world of medicine and treatment thanks to prototyping. The one thing that surprised me the most about prototyping is the ability of organizations and people to use it in a variety of fields, especially in medicine like the aforementioned tissue engineering.

In article titled: “Printing and Prototyping of Tissues and Scaffolds” by Brian Derby, the author discusses the various ways in which prototyping opens new avenues for manufacturing. “New manufacturing technologies under the banner of rapid prototyping enable the fabrication of structures close in architecture to biological tissue. In their simplest form, these technologies allow the manufacture of scaffolds upon which cells can grow for later implantation into the body” (Derby, 2012, p. 921). A more exhilarating scene is the patterning and printing presented in the article concerning the three dimensions of every component that makes up tissue like matrix materials. This is in order to generate constructions equivalent to tissues. The article terms this process as bioprinting. Such procedures have unlocked new expanses of research in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

The article on printing and prototyping was found on google scholar. I input the term prototyping and made sure to find a recent article. The article belongs to a science website that has peer-reviewed articles about and health innovations. It was easy to find several articles concerning prototyping, but this one seemed the most interesting, thanks to recent developments in tissue reconstruction/construction. All of these breakthroughs are possible thanks to prototyping.

The reason the article and prototyping surprised me was simply because of the extent people can take a technology. It was fascinating to realize society has invented ways to reconstruct things people thought were impossible to reconstruct like tissue. It is amazing to see the progress human kind has made on the medical home front. This all has to do with techniques like prototyping.

Prototyping lays out the groundwork for other innovations to come to fruition. It is like a building block. A necessary building block that provides an organized way of understanding what to do next, what to plan next. Organ transplantation is a costly and often hard to…

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