Project Management the Ten Trends That ESI

Project Management

The ten trends that ESI has proposed for this year are:

The ESI has predicted that there would be lofty expectations from the project managers this year. This means that the managers would have to constantly glide to find cost-benefit tradeoff between standardization and customization from projects and decide on what is required and at what cost. The project managers at work would require to clearly and quickly identify the gaps between the expectations of the company and the clients and the shortcomings of the cloud-based platforms.

In 2015, the project managers would require to hire talent rather than expect talent to be developed at work and cut down on outsourcing as much as possible. There would be requirement to align hiring according to company strategies.

ESI claims that the project managers would be required to get more agile on the job and hybrid project teams would need to be adjusted with the fast changing business scenario and increasing uncertainty.

There would be growing demand for senior project talents and hence people I the senior positions have a better chance to land better paying jobs. A recent report by ESI Project on Manager Salary and Talent indicated that nearly half of the vacancies in most of the project management companies were for senior positions.

According to ESI, the trend this year for keeping projects aligned with the company strategies has t come from bottom-up. The project managers would need to send information upwards in the hierarchy about outcomes of the projects and the company strategy. Project managers would therefore be given more importance.

Project professionals would also have to learn to manage conflicts as this is the major skills that project managers would lack this year (ESI INTERNATIONAL, 2015).

Project professionals would also have to take on responsibility of not only delivering projects but also about how deliverables would be implemented. They would also have ot be more adept at relating projects with strategy and the execution of the project according to the strategy.

Similar to organizational culture, every project would have a culture that aligns with the company culture and hence project professional would now have to be aware of the project and organizational culture as well (ESI INTERNATIONAL, 2015).


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