Leadership Assessment and How to Function in IT1 Essay

Leadership Assessment

After taking this assessment for leadership abilities a lot of people will speculate what will the position turn out to be. The rationale behind the assessment is to collect definite issues or questions that possibly will relate to the place of work. These specific questions included numerous teamwork and decision making features. The key goal is to figure out which mode of group leadership the individual is supposed to be. From the definite groups that were made when taken the assessment it turned out that my highest score was the authoritarian style. It was clear that some of the details for an authoritarian are making choices very quick, guiding, and a control freak. In general, being categorized as authoritarian did not surprise me at all.

My earlier role as a business advisor was one good example of this. The chief objective for the business was not only driving sales, nevertheless to lead your company team in recognizing the brands. This was able to provide gave me the optimistic attitude in order to work in the direction of goals and methods to converse to accomplish them. This successful communication of putting together e- learnings and PowerPoint presentations for the workers helped them to understand the importance of making a profit. Being able to obtain control of the problem as an authoritarian leader, provided the business more accomplishment that it required. The collaboration at times was not showing the necessary creativity with time restraints, however they were able to construct a perfect sales team that turned out to be effective. It was important to make sure that the team was on the same page and that they understood exactly what was needed of them. Because I wanted the company to be successful, I had to make a decision that involved me handing out incentives for employees. Some of these ideas included things such awarding free movie tickets. Other awards were handing out gift cards and giving them free gas on Friday’s by filling up their gas tanks personally.

The selection of being a brand consultant leader was not the easiest at first. With particular projects that needed to be finished, making sure that the team was prepared to go an extra mile was the hardest. This had to be done with effective communication. In my workplace, verbal communication was the most understandable form of communication. Nonetheless, research has revealed individuals pay much less attention to the words that are understood and much more consideration to the actions and nonverbal signals that attend to those words. Nonverbal signals comprise of facial expressions. (Bennis, 2005) With my employees, I would use a lot of hand motions, body pose and movements of my eyes. As a leader, I understand that it is important to strive to always match my nonverbal cues to my words; when I do this, I noticed that I am much authentic and reliable.

Listening to my employees would be number one on the list. An important feature of communication is the capability to listen to your workers. Having the right kind of active listening needs to always be a goal. As an authoritarian leader focusing on both the verbal and nonverbal language of the speaker…

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