Helping People Achieve the Career Goals Essay

Career Coaching Activity

This activity involved holding a career discussion with a solid citizen, Angie. This activity presents the results of the application of two career coaching discussion skills including discussion background. My career coaching discussion was with my MSR.

First, I wanted to know more about Angie and her career background. For this purpose, I asked Angie questions concerning her short- and long-term career interests In response, the client advised that following graduation from college as an anthropology major, she decided to work in a part0time job while pursuing her master’s degree. She really enjoys working as a part-time teller and decided to purse different career path. She moved from part time to full time and then after working 2 years as a teller, and was promoted to MSR.

Angie stated that her next career goal would be becoming assistant branch manager.

Therefore, we discussion her planning stage as follows.

We identified areas that she needs to develop;

We discussed specific activities that must be addressed; and,

We established realistic timelines for achieving these objectives.

Based on information gathered during the preliminary discussion, I gave Angie some suggestions and recommendations to support her short-term career goal of becoming an assistant branch manager. One of the best ways for her to advance her short-term career goal is to build on her existing knowledge and skills. To help identify these, the following steps in Table 1 below were followed with the corresponding outcomes indicated.

Table 1

Strengths Analysis


Analysis Outcome

Listen — Active listening = use probing questions to prompt them to talk. Recognize their values, interests and competencies.

Active listening was used throughout to ensure that the responses to probing questions were understood and to provide points of departure for follow-ups. In response to questions concerning what she perceived as her main strengths for an assistant branch manager position, Angie stated that she had good interpersonal communication skills and she avoided the types of office politics that caused other people to become mired in antagonistic working relationships. In addition, she stated she is hard working, loyal, possesses excellent computer skills and is honest to a fault.

Level– Be honest regarding strengths and learning opportunities. Help associates form a realistic picture of how others view their skills and behaviors.

Asked for salient examples, Angie stated that everyone in the workplace liked her and most of her co-workers would even likely support her bid for an assistant branch manager position. The point was made to Angie that although charismatic leadership is an invaluable attribute, she should continue to pursue her advanced education to include organizational leadership, effective presentation skills, management accounting and statistical analysis since these were identified as weaknesses.

Look Ahead– Help associates be aware of trends and changes in the organization, and/or profession, as well as possible impacts. Relate strategic business initiatives to competencies required for the future.

The MSR was counseled concerning the need to look beyond her short-term objective of becoming an assistant branch manager and establish viable plans for her career development. In…

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