Critical Analysis of Social Institutions Essay

Social institutions refer to a complex and lasting collection of interactions and behaviours whose effect can be felt in societies. Social institutions give order and organization to the behaviour of people via their normalizing qualities and they guide the conduct of people in all major sectors of the society (Verwiebe, 2015). In this paper, we will consider; a pill container, an American flag, a cap, a cross, a gown, a house and a dollar bill, pointing out the way by which their significance is important to social institutions.

Social Institutions

Apart from the use of a house as a shelter and a place for rest, it is also a very important place where the family is developed and it is therefore an important part of the family social institution. The house is the space where family members are well accustomed to their duties and where they engage in reproduction and social interactions. The house could also form part of the educational and cultural institutions. Even while still kids, we had learnt and applied a number of home-taught laws, teachings and mentalities, and this form the basis of our relationships with others. Normally, in the American tradition, as well as several other global traditions, morals and ethics are instilled into the children in the house. The hope of several parents is to bring up their children in their houses and train them into self-sufficient and independent people who are able to live independently as young adults (Verwiebe, 2015).

A flag is one of the most familiar signs today and it has been in use for more than 50 centuries. The flag of America is under the educational and cultural social institutions. Every color on it has its own significance which Americans can associate with and these also help foster patriotism. Educational institutions teach the significance of the American flag’s colors and its meaning to Americans. Normally, the United States President and other members of the political circle would have a flag around them when they are to deliver important addresses. Flags are also useful in wars as they could give information about a loss or a win and they could also be used in passing messages across to opposing or partnering forces.

The flag’s cultural significance is seen around the world as all states, regions and countries across the globe possess a specifically designed flag with distinct colors signifying peace, ethnicity of the country, the soil or the country’s struggle for independence and several others (Barkan, 2013).

The activity expressed towards developing health facilities across the country shows the socio-cultural importance of health services to physical and slightly vague occurrences. Every form of health is found under educational and training institutions as these are the major drivers of special skills, knowledge and proficiency. A research carried out by Mayo Clinic showed that almost 70% of U.S. dwellers are on one or more medications. They also discovered that opioids, antibiotics and antidepressants were the most featuring medication types. An inference drawn from this is that Americans have become very comfortable with instant relieving drugs and this is due in part to their positive media attention. A number of evaluators claim that as a result of the people’s financial strength and ease of assessing healthcare services, American citizens are the major target market for foremost pharmaceutical companies and the benefits of these medications is seen in the gradually improving happiness and health of Americans. This is…

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