Characteristics of a Civil Society Leader Essay

Civil society leader is a person who takes a role to engage a group of individual in pushing for a common agenda trying to improve or promote the quality of life within a society (Van Til, 2000). A civil society leader develops a combination of information into working knowledge to uplift the moral within a group in a bid to make a difference about a prevailing situation. The civil society leader undertakes both political and non-political measure to afford an understanding to the members of the society and push for changes within the society (Slaby, 2011).

Edmond Yakani

Edmond Yakin is a civil society leader in Sudan a newly formed republic struggling to uplift itself from over a decade-long civil unrest. The leader Edmond Yakani is well-known for condemning the newly formed government ignorance to the injustices to the locals and disregard for human life. As a civil society leader, Edmond is admired for the courage to fight for the rights of the local and the articulate measures he takes in doing so. In many occasion, Edmond Yakani takes up measures to rally people in the communities sharing with them information about the government activities and shunning activities that seem to go against the rule of law.

Edmond has been vibrant in highlighting the killing and making it known to the people of Sudan that their rights are being violated with the leaders in the country focusing more on political and economic gains. Through writing and sharing information to the local and international interest bodies, the leader makes an appeal to the political leadership not to disregard the value of human life. In his endeavor to safeguard the interest of the society, Edmond participates and contributes in activities organized by NGO’s and other international bodies. Edmond Yakani is a truly civil society through his measure to highlight the plight of the local Sudan community and rally people to agitate for the protection of their civil rights

Butrous Biel

As civil society leader, Butrous Beil began by educating Sudan citizens on their human rights and the status in their country. The leader took up an active role to educate the general public of their rights, their need fight for their freedom and uphold a civil duty to demand that the government uphold the rule of law. Butrous Beil, a qualified lawyer, uses his professional qualification to highlight the plight of theā€¦

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