Do their preferences are known by their mothers. Therefore,

you think that dorm-life is easy? Do you consider that it is a way of declaring
independence from your family? Staying in a dormitory is joyous if students
find friends who have good characteristics. Dormitory makes easier to go to the
school and it is a good place to come up against the reality of life without
their family. Even if they find these people mentioned before, dorm-life has
two main difficulties in terms of personal space and food&diet.            Firstly, personal space is one of
the most serious problems for students staying in a dormitory. Most of the
young people are used to sit alone in their home. However, when they start to
stay in a dormitory, they will see that they have to share their rooms with
other people or at least one person and room size is probably smaller than
their rooms in their home. It leads to lack of privacy because of sharing room
with another people. As a human being, each person tries to protect intimacy in
society. At home, it can be provided in room; however, when they share their
room with somebody else, it is too hard to protect this privacy due to crowd.
As number of roommates increase, possibility of violating privacy increases. On
the other hand, privacy can be violated by off-colour jokes. For a laugh, by people
having high quality of humor (!)  they
can be exposed to off-colour joke. For example, senior class students can
attack and hit freshman year students or put a pin their bed or can use their
belongings without their permission to irritate them. In addition to privacy,
studying is also problem related with personal space. With decreasing of
interpersonal distance, studying becomes harder because personal space is
related with place and people. When they share their place with somebody else,
it means that their desk, their space, which is put books, become smaller.
Furthermore, as number of people increases, number of distractions increase as
well. Noise can disturb studying, crowd can increase chance of interrupting by
them and staff around them might cause to loose their attention.            Secondly, food&diet is another
serious problem in dorm-life. Before staying in dormitory, people are used to
their homemade food. What they like to eat, their preferences are known by
their mothers. Therefore, they are used to eat high quality food in terms of
hygiene and health aspect. Moreover, they do not usually worry about that.
However, after staying in a dormitory, students will see problems about quality
of food. Hygiene is important problem about food services. Dishes, spoons,
forks can be dirty. Moreover, insects can be put and seen in foods. In addition
to this taste is another problem for quality of food. It is expected to find
homemade food’s taste but it can not. Generally, cafeteria directors are trying
to maximize their profits. To do this, they use low quality stuff like using
margarine instead of butter. To saturate people, they put too much fat in
foods. These kind of examples cause to affect taste of food negatively. When
these problems arises, students run to junk food to overcome food issue because
they are produced and served faster and cheaper than homemade foods. However,
it leads to health problems. Usually, junk foods have too much fat which leads
to obesity. Also, it causes to hormonal failures as a consequence of industrial
husbandry. In addition to health problems, junk food increases expenses after a
while as well. As mentioned before it is cheaper than homemade food
restaurants. Thus, it will cause students make a habit to eat them. At the end
of the month, when they look their ‘balance sheet’ they will see that expenses
about junk good occupy serious amount in their ‘balance sheet’ because of
supposing them cheaper. Therefore, if they do not like cafeteria’s food and they
make a habit junk-food, they will have financial problems.

            All in all, staying in a dorm can be
seen as a way of declaring independence. However, it can not thought without
its difficulties about personal space and food&diet. Privacy and difficulty
in studying are the most important problems about personal space. On the other
hand, quality of food and junk food are another serious problems about
food&diet, but these are the reality of life and student should face these
problems without parents. It is a nice experiment for growing themselves. However,
also, directors of dormitories should work on how to make dormitories better
place for students and prevent harmful effects on students

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