CRISPR The enzyme is used to cut two strands

CRISPR stands for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat. This means that special technology lets geneticist and medically involved individuals edit parts of genetic DNA sequence by adding, removing, or reordering the DNA sequence. CRISPR-Cas9 has made a huge impact in the science world, and our world as we know it. The CRISPR-cas9 works using two major molecules, an enzyme (cas9) and guide RNA (gRNA). ┬áThe enzyme is used to cut two strands of DNA at a specific location so that bits of DNA can be added to the genetic information. The gRNA is used to make sure the enzyme is cutting the correct point in the genetic information sequence. ( CRISPR-cas9 has a lot of potential to treat a variety of illnesses that genetics play a factor in, this even includes cancer. CRISPR-cas9 is critical because it completely deletes several illnesses from your genes, meaning it will not be passed down anymore. CRISPR will not only be used for deleting mutations, according to, “it could lead doctors and families to one day create “designer babies”. One day parents might be able to design their babies to their likings. Another benefit of CRISPR is that it could potentially stop ageing. In my personal opinion i don’t think CRISPR should be used for ageing or designing babies appearances, however I strongly agree with using CRISPR to eliminate genetic mutations. In my opinion designing babies is unnatural and in a sense unfair to the child. The way you want your child to look, could be completely different from the way they wanted to look. Then, it would be your fault because you designed them, whereas now you have no control how they look so it’s fair game. As for ageing i feel that you should age normally that’s how it’s been since humans existed, so why change it? In Gattaca there is a man named Vincent, and he has always had a dream to fly in outer space. However, his dream seems almost impossible to reach because in order to obtain certain jobs (including flying outer space) you need to be considered “genetically valid” meaning healthy. They determine who is healthy at birth they print out a long list of things that are wrong with you and it carries on with you for the rest of your life. The work place takes blood samples and urine samples for identification purposes. Vincent was considered genetically invalid so he was not able to work in outer space as himself, but as an imposter. However if Gattaca was involved, it could’ve deleted the genetic mutation allowing Vincent to have his dream job. In another film titled Lorenzo’s oil a little boy got extremely sick at age five from a deadly incurable disease. It caused the boy to lose his senses, and there was no cure for ALD. If CRISPR was available to lorenzo it could’ve been used to get rid of the disease, and prevent the disease from taking Lorenzo’s senses away. Overall CRISPR is a great addition to the technological world. It brings many benefits to humans. What has remained incurable will now become curable. CRISPR is revolutionary and will make an impact in the world for every human being. There will be no more genetic diseases to harm us. I have seen first hand how the diseases affect the ┬ápeople and their families. If this problem was completely eliminated it would bring nothing but good.


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