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By far, I have improved alot in my writing skills. To begin with, my essay hooks are good ones now. Before the start of this semester, I didn’t know what is a hook and I didn’t use it in none of my previous essays. I have also improved in writing and explaining a topic into a lot more pages than I did before the start of this semester. I can do better now with regards to the number of pages assigned on any essay. Moreover, how I analyze essays now is way different from my previous essay write ups. I now use an outline to draw a skeleton of what I am going to write about and more so get my paragraphs in line to be fully developed in the essay write up. This I have found very interesting because it is among the factors that have helped me in getting more pages in my essay now than before.Thus I now have the ability to write more accurately and efficiently than I ever did before the start of this class.               I have been engaged on a deep level in writing this semester. This included essays, homework assignments and group works. As I am stocked with assignment sheet from class to write on, I have been forced to do all that’s necessary to write a good structure and detailed essay on my own. With this, I was able to spend much time to improve on my overall writing skills and editing myself were I found faults after my previous essay have been marked. Since practice makes perfect, the writing and homework assignments made me a better writer today.                 In this semester, I have learnt one of the things I think is the basis of any writing. I now know how to  organize and structure different essays with the correct format. Since I write my essays randomly without using any format required for it before, I now have the confidence that I would correctly line up my essay organization in the essays I would be writing in the future.                  Following this, I did not know how to correctly write my in text cites. This is due to the fact that I have not read the MLA section for in text cites and the correct method of writing a work cited page. Since I have been corrected today, I would refer to it tonight in order to master it.                  In my classes, I now have the ability to break down complex sentences to simpler ones in the course of my reading. With just a single reading of the document, I can correctly analyze and come up with conclusions. I am made an active reader now than before because I never engaged in researching and reading different sources are are of benefit to the essay topic I am writing on. In a nutshell, I am now a better reader for my reading zeal and speed has tremendously improved!


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