What is the Best Affiliate Program for Beginners? | Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018

If you have come here looking for an answer to “what is the best affiliate program for beginners?” or “how you can make money from affiliate marketing?”; congratulations!

I’m almost certain that this is the last thing you would read about those topics today unless you decide not to take an action and continue to keep searching things.

I feel qualified to suggest you because I was looking for similar questions on google about a year ago and today I know what has worked for me.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018 and find out if it is the best affiliate program for you or not.

what is the best affiliate program for beginners

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a community that helps to build and grow an online business from scratch by providing knowledge, support, platform, and confidence. Kyle and Carson started it in 2005 and since then it has helped a lot of people to achieve financial freedom. It is also one of the best affiliate programs with a high commission I have ever come across.

Who is it for?

A one-word answer would be ‘anyone’! But let me elaborate that a bit. If you know what computer and the internet are which I’m sure you do as you are here, you can totally rock your Wealthy Affiliate’s journey.

No, you won’t become a millionaire just by joining WA but if you decide to work hard and unceasingly, you can certainly have a successful online business. There’s no shortcut to success but doing smart work can help you achieve things quicker.

If you ever dreamed of having an online business, wondered how can you make money from home, or you think you can take out sometime in a day (1-2 hours) to try something new and interesting that can become one of the sources of income, this program is for you.

I can’t think of a reason why someone would not want to try this, after all, it’s FREE to start with.

FREE! Really?

Yes, you read that right. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely free to join with no catch. You can get inside, start to learn and then decide for yourself if this is for you. I started to consider “Free” as a synonym for “Scam”.

Seriously, everyone says their program is free but there’s always a catch. I had the same feeling about WA FREE STARTER PROGRAM but my perception changed when I joined WA.

»»» Read My Personal Experience With Wealthy Affiliate! «««

Let’s have a look at what all you get as a Free Member vs a Premium Member

Things I Love About WA!

  • Task-Based Lessons – Once after registering and getting inside, you can head to the Course 1 and start learning right away. You will be given tasks based on what you have learned which is really fun to do and makes sure that you have aced the lesson. There’s no time limit so you can proceed as per your time and convenience.

Task Based Course

  • Live Chat/Support – Everyone comes up with some or the other question while going through the training. Well, I really like the live chat feature where you can post your query as and when you have them and get an instant answer from other members of the community.

Live Chat Support

  • Live Webinars – The best part about WA is that it keeps you updated with what is happening in the Internet Marketing world. It feels great when you know what’s the latest and you know how to apply it. In case, you miss the webinar, or you want to watch it again, it will be later available to watch and learn.

Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018

  • Wealthy Affiliate Community – When you join WA, you become a member of a family where everyone is enthusiastic, motivated, goal-oriented, and ready to support each other. You will come across people from all over the world and this just makes learning so much fun.


  • Classrooms – There are 13 classrooms with different topics covered that make you a pro. You can choose and get inside any and start to uncover the secrets of earning money.

what is the best affiliate program for

  • SiteRubix – This is a one-stop shop for all your website needs. You can build free websites, buy your own domains, move your existing host to Wealthy Affiliates, manage all your websites from one source, ask for Support (available 24/7) and a lot more.

make money from home with affiliate marketing

  • Jaaxy – In order to succeed in the blogging world, SEO is considered one of the most important elements and a good SEO tool makes things a lot easier for you. Well, Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is not just good, it’s great. I never felt the need of using any other SEO tool since Wealthy Affiliate started offering Jaaxy as a part of their service without charging anything extra. Isn’t that fantastic?

jaaxy keyword research tool

If You Don’t See the Free Starter Option!

For some reason, Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership is not available to 7 countries: Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam. It is being said that there were a lot of issues of hacking in these countries. Well, I’m not sure and I don’t want to get into the why of it.

This takes away a huge benefit from the people of these countries and I’m from India which means I didn’t have this option too. But that did not keep me away from signing in. I kept all the fear aside and made a decision I still feel fortunate about. The thing is when you get something for free you do not take it that seriously but when you pay for something, you really get into it and work your heart out. That’s what made all the difference for me.

If you are from one of these countries, do not feel bad, do not hold back. There’s a reason for everything. Go ahead, pay for a month and I’m sure you will always see yourself ahead of people who took the Free-Starter-Route.

I’m Waiting to Welcome You!

When you join through the link on this website, I’ll be notified and I’ll take you as my personal responsibility. I’ll be your direct contact to make sure you are not stuck, all your questions are answered, all your doubts are cleared, and you are on the right track. And this is gonna be a lifetime companionship between you and me.

This is going to be a very important decision in your life, so don’t hold back any questions or doubts. I would love to talk about anything and everything that has crossed your mind in this regard. Leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you are among people that are or have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate, you are welcome to share your experience here.


  1. Hi ANUBHAV,

    WOW! I recommend anyone who ever thought about becoming their own boss, working from home, should take some serious consideration what is being said on this post.

    Wealthy Affiliate offers so many free bonuses (just for signing up without submitting any personal data – cept email address) and you have now begun your new online career!

    You can not ask for a better and cleaner start to becoming your own online boss from a $0 start up cost.

    Excellent article and I know you will steer many to this fantastic opportunity. Thank your amazing Wealthy Affiliate Review! 🙂 .



  2. Interesting post on your favorite affiliate program, Wealthy Affiliate. Seems hard to believe all the you get for free, and I like that there is also great support including a whole community to learn from. The premium upgrade is reasonable also at only $49 per month. I am sure that this will appeal to many people that are looking for a legit way to make money online.

  3. Solid review! I too was looking was searching on google a while back and came across Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson have built an awesome community and there is so much to learn from on this site you will never run out of things to learn. Everything you learn will help you earn online as long as you apply it. If you are reading this comment, what are you waiting for? Click on one of his links to go to WA to get started for free!

  4. Great review for Wealthy Affiliate, I have also been in the same position as you were about a year ago and I did find Wealthy Affiliate, I did not give it a chance back then, but now that I am back with WA, things are moving right along and I am indexed in google. I have about 16 posts now that have been indexed and I am striving to get on the first page. Thanks for the review again and it just makes me realize that I am at the right place.

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