As can be followed by everyone. One should: ?

Dale Carnegie once said: ‘Great speakers are not born, they’re
trained.’ Of course, it is completely true. It is not an easy way
to become a great public speaker, but it is not impossible either.
Everything comes with practicing and patience. It is quite difficult
to concentrate only on one technique that I learned in the class
‘Oral Communication: Presentation skills’ because there are many of
them that I consider important. I would like to begin with how to
overcome fear before giving a speech.

public speech is often associated with fear. There are a lot of
methods to overcome fear. One thing that everyone should take into
account is that shaking hands, dry throat, excessive sweating, memory
loss, nausea, and knocking knees are normal reactions. Usually, it
takes a lot of time to realize which overcoming fear method is more
suitable for you. But there are some universal rules that can be
followed by everyone. One should:
in audience’s goodwill
in what you are saying
these rules I tried to overcome the panic attack. It goes without
saying that fear is a ‘ perpetual satellite’ of a speaker, and yet I
controlled my emotional state.

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to feedbacks, the second thing in which I made a success is Voice
is a well-known fact, that a voice is an effective instrument of
speakers. They learn to control their voices to enhance the impact of
their message. Every voice is unique whatever the characteristics of
the voice. It is necessary to balance in case of voice.
a speaker talks too softly, he or she will not be heard, but if a
speaker talks too loudly, he or she will be thought rude.
second point that has an impact on delivery is pitch of a speaker’s
voice. Speakers who do not change their pitch speak in a monotone
make their voice flat and lifeless, but effective speakers vary their
pitch to generate interest and to convey meaning and emotion.

most appropriate rate depends on many things such as, for example,
the voice of the presenter, the mood that the presenter is trying to
create, the audience, and the occasion and so on. Nevertheless,
there are two obvious faults to avoid: to speak so slowly that
listeners get bored or too fast that they lose track of the message.

was shocked when I found out that effective pauses can contribute
greatly to a speaker’s impact. I can confidently say that it works.
Pauses are used to signal the end of a thought unit, to emphasize the
main points. The important thing is that pauses should not include
statements such as “like,” “er,” “uh,”
or “urn.”

guess, that I was also quite good in body language techniques.

communication is a great tool to enhance the impact of their message.
Effective speakers learn to use for years, because they understand
that nonverbal communication plays a vital role in the outcome of a
speech. There are a great number of aspects of nonverbal
communication that are especially important for public speakers. I
think that The first aspect is personal appearance. Listeners always
see a presenter before they hear the presenter. The second aspect is
gestures. The important rule is that whatever gestures a presenter
does, they must not distract from the message of the
presentation.Gestures should appear natural and spontaneous as
well.The next main aspect is eye contact. Eye contact gives a chance
to make a friendly atmosphere between the presenter and the audience.
Audiences often look at a presenter’s eyes in order to ascertain
whether the presenter confident, intelligent, true or not.
up, from the course ‘Oral Communication: Presentation Skills’ I have
learned how to make a presentation, namely, how to make few main
points, not to burden the audience with everything I know, to
structure the presentation very clearly, to know the order in which I
am going to present, to repeat main points and to summarize so that
the audience is aware how the different headings are linked. And the
last one – to use handouts or projector slides. Also, I have
recognized that software Power Point is very useful for preparing for
the presentation. I have learned that taking relax and to be
confident is very important. After the course I can easily be
prepared to presentations. Besides, I can use the knowledge in my
works and at the university. The ability to make a presentation is a
skill required in many occupations. 


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