Earlier ASDA was looking at the segment to appeal to those families
of lower incomes. So its target market was for the customers looking for
cheapest product. However this model can interfere the quality product offered
and in long run may lead to bad publicity which is like firm that offers cheap
and low quality products. This model worked for ASDA as there was economic
recession however now the conditions have improved and so is the internet

This campaign targets working Females in the age range of 16 to
64.  As seen from the chart below number
of working females continue to increase. Therefore there is high likeliness
that they will have less time to shop and therefore they will shop online. As
most of the working environment uses technology this target market has
technical knowledge and also potential to pay. Since they are earning majority
of time they make the decisions.  These
target customers may just get into stores while on the way to work or can shop
online. They will look for the quality of the product. Older audience may value
the points earned as rewards that can be converted into purchases later. 

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