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10 steps to organisation for students

As I get older it seems to be becoming increasingly difficult for me and other students to stay on top of things- we are buried in homework, surrounded by various due dates and are still expected to fit sport and clubs into our schedule! With so much going on in our lives it is important to stay organised and form some kind of system. I have put together 
10 steps to better organisation, for the student  because none of us like that panicky feeling of realising you forgot to do your homework. 

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Keep a planner, diary or journal. This is step one for a reason. I can not express what a difference this makes to your life! As soon as you get an assignment or test date, write it down. This way you are less likely to forget about it. Don’t be shy to use coloured pens or highlighters! Find a system that works for you and stick to it. If you are anything like me, you might want to create a box to tick off so you can get that satisfactory feeling of getting a task done (nerdy, I know…)

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Make a list of your top 3 priorities. By writing which tasks are more important alongside all of the other tasks you can focus on what is really important and plan your time accordingly. 

Have all the supplies you need. There is nothing worse than going to class prepared to do some serious learning, only to find that you have no pen to take notes with, paper to write on or even worse: no textbook. Most schools and teachers will give you some kind of an idea of what you will be required to have in their classes, pay attention to this and make an effort to take it to school. This leads me to my next point…
Pack things the night before! This tip may seem boring and overdone as we have been hearing it from our teachers and parents alike for years. Why do they keep telling us this? Because it works! For the average teenager mornings are not fun. Lets face it: we are nocturnal creatures, our brains do not function at optimum levels early in the morning, so save yourself the hassle and pack your things the night before. Taking 5 minutes where you are not half asleep or in a rush will lower your chance of forgetting anything and will give you a few more minutes in the morning to gather your thoughts for the day.
Clean out your backpack/desk/locker every two weeks. You may think the state of your backpack is fine but trust me, it probably isn’t. Make a note in that planner I mentions earlier and try to clean it out once every two weeks or at least once a month. You will be surprised at what you might find crushed at the bottom, from long-lost return slips to bruised and battered apples.
Make your own deadlines. Its a little known fact- a lot of people work better with deadlines. Just been given a book report that is due in 2 months? Make your own deadline for 2 weeks to try to minimise procrastination and last minute working. This isn’t always easy when you have a lot of other things to do that are really due in 2 weeks, but if when you can, give it a try
Do one thing at a time. No matter what you tell your parents, you can not successfully multi-task. Sure maybe you are really good at dividing your attention but the problem is your attention will always be divided you wont be giving the task at hand 100% of your attention ion. 
Have a designated area at home for doing school work. Make this area a no-device and distractions zone. I find having one spot that I know is my “working spot” makes me less likely to get distracted whilst trying to work and more likely to actually do the word. Be sure to keep a supply of paper, pens and any other supplies you may need in order to eliminate the need to leave your “working spot” and get distracted. 
Don’t wait to long to start working after school. I know that most people are tired after school however I would not advise having more than an hours break between getting home and starting your homework. The more time you take to start, the less like you actually will start. 
Manage your time. Something that is always mentioned when talking about organisation, is time management. Time management in simple terms is using your time wisely and appropriately: this means creating specific times for specific tasks and commitments. You can see my printable for effective time management and planning below. 


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