1) is a girl. She forces me to watch

I speak 4
languages. While I am fluent in English and Hindi, I also know basic
conversational level French and Spanish.

When I was in 10th grade,
I visited the USA as part of the NASA educational program. I spend 2 weeks in
the US and visited Houston, Orlando, and
New York City. I visited the Johnson Space Center and the Kennedy Space Center
among other things. It was an amazing experience.

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I am a huge fan of the San Antonio
Spurs in the NBA. I often get up at 5 in the morning to watch them play, especially
during the playoff.

My father is a Chartered Accountant
and has worked in Finance and Audit for the last 25 years. I enjoy having chats
with him about Finance, Business, and the
Stock Market.

I have been to 22 of the 29 states in
India and have lived in 4 of them including 2 years in Kashmir when my father
was posted there. It is the most beautiful and serene place I have lived in so

My best friend is a girl. She forces
me to watch romantic comedies but also
makes sure that I am not a mess.

I love quizzes, puzzles, and riddles. In 3 years of college, I have
attended over 50 quiz competitions across various colleges in the city. I often
make up my own trivia and riddles for my friends.

From a very young age, I was part of
my school football team. By football I don’t mean American football, I mean the
sport you guys call Soccer. It is my favorite sport. I love watching and
playing it.

I love reading and going to book
fairs. A Horse walks into a Bar by David Grossman was the last novel I read. I
highly recommend it to everyone.

10)  I
listen to Podcasts instead of music while traveling
(This by no means that I don’t like music)- Some of my regular podcasts include
Radiolab, Planet Money, Forward Thinking and a bunch of others from the sports world.

11)  Coming
to Music now. I am old school when it comes to music. I love Classic rock and
bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and
Queen dominate my playlists. Other Favorites include Tom Waits and Bob Dylan.

12)  I
don’t know how to ride a Motorcycle. When I was in high school, I had an
accident riding behind a friend of mine on a scooter, he broke his leg and I
had to carry him to the hospital. Never been on a bike since.

13)  When
I was small I wanted to join the Army. So I prepared for the National Defense
Academy (NDA) exam in 2014. I cleared the written exam and was invited for the
SSB interview. SSB is a 5-day selection process which involves multiple
aptitude tests, group discussions, psychological tests, personal interview and
group assessments. I cleared it all, out of over 200+ candidates that came on
Day 1, I was among the 10 that were selected. But I was rejected in the medical
tests for weak eyesight. This was a big setback for me but I have since moved
on and look back at it as a good learning experience.

14)  I
started running daily 6 months ago. In the beginning,
I could only do 3-4km. Now I easily cover over 10km in a run. I participated in
my first 10k run a couple of months back and plan to run a marathon in the
coming month.

15)  I
don’t like going to the gym. That might
sound surprising as I love physical activities. I regularly go swimming,
cycling, running and enjoy playing football and basketball. But for some reason, I have never been attracted to gyms.

16)  In
high school, I took part in every school
competition. This included sports, singing, debates, plays, and whatnot. I love trying new things.

17)  #16
lead to some very embarrassing moments. The funniest was when I sang “By the Rivers of Babylon” by Boney M is
front a fully filled auditorium. (Beautiful song but I have a terrible voice)

18)  When
I wake up in the morning, the first thing I need is a glass of milk. A habit my
mother instilled when I was very little. It is followed by a cup of coffee on
most days.

19)  I
am a big fan of Dan Brown. I have read all 7 of his novels and The Da Vinci
Code is my favorite among the lot.

20)  I
am a night owl. When I have work, assignments, projects or exams I stay up as
late as 3:00 am.

21)  Usually, I am very easy going person, but
when I play sports I get really competitive. I have a reputation among my
friends as the one who starts running harder when everyone gets tired.

22)  I
did a wide range of projects in my college years. These included a Speaker
Recognition System, a phone battery charging shoe, a Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna and
recently a Data Science projects on Kaggle.

23)  My
favorite actors are Matthew McConaughey, Tom Hanks, and Edward Newton. Forrest Gump is my go to movie. I am also a big fan of
Star Wars.

24)  When
I was in 8th grade, I had a ligament tear in my left ankle a week
before the Sports Meet while practicing. I was supposed to run 3 races. It was painful
to watch from the sidelines.

25)  I
don’t like eating vegetables. Most of my meals contain some form of chicken,
meat, fish or egg.


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